Greenwood police detectives are working to identify the three men who fled from a wrecked car after chasing and firing at others.

Since the chase and shootout, provisional Greenwood Police Department Chief T.J. Chaudoin said officers had found the people who were shot at.

Officers spoke with them and confirmed that none of them were injured in the shooting, although Chaudoin said the car they were in had been shot.

The shooting happened at about 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, and Greenwood police responded to the call of a wreck and shots fired in the area of New Market Street and Chipley Avenue.

According to a report, 911 callers reported about 20 shots fired.

Once on scene, police found a gray Nissan Maxima overturned on New Market Street, a utility pole broken and leaning on top of the car. Officers put caution tape up to cordon off the area while investigators took photographs of the evidence.

Police found multiple shell casings, some .40-caliber and others 9mm, along with unspent rounds in the roadway, the report said.

A K9 unit tracked the scent from the car to a mobile home park nearby, where he lost the trail, the report said.

Chaudoin said since then, seven detectives have been working the case and actively searching for witnesses and people who might know the three men who fled from the wrecked car.