cpst Ware Shoals

Ware Shoals is benefiting from $1.5 million worth of new sewer infrastructure on the strength of money being raised through the 2016 capital project sales tax.

No one was injured in a drive-by shooting Thursday night in Ware Shoals, but police are working the leads to identify the shooter, said Police Chief Terry Carpenter.

At about 8 p.m. Thursday, someone drove past the Fast Point convenience store on North Greenwood Avenue and fired a gun in the general direction of the store, Carpenter said.

“We’re not really sure of the intended victim,” Carpenter said. “We’ve got some pretty solid leads and the investigation is underway.”

Carpenter said he wasn’t ready to share much detail about the shooting, citing concerns about revealing too much of an ongoing investigation. He said that police did have the vehicle they think was involved in the shooting impounded, though he said he couldn’t share the make and model.

No one was hit during the shooting, and although there was property damage Carpenter wasn’t willing to go into further detail about what was hit. He said it was a little unclear where the shooter was intending to aim, but that he fired in the direction of the gas station.

Police, he said, are working to identify a suspect. At this point, he said there appears to have been only one shooter.

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