Surveillance footage was key in securing a conviction and decadelong sentence for a man who attacked a pregnant woman, prosecutors said Thursday.

A Newberry County jury found 38-year-old Olin Daniel Moore III guilty of first-degree domestic violence after a two-day trial. Circuit Judge Frank Addy Jr. sentenced Moore to 10 years in prison, which is the highest possible sentence for the charge.

In November 2019, Moore attacked a pregnant woman at his Chapman Street residence in Newberry, according to a press release from the 8th Circuit Solicitor’s Office. During the assault, a relative fled the house through a window and called police.

The victim was unable to testify at trial and prosecutors played at trial footage from surveillance cameras installed by the man’s relative.

Solicitor David Stumbo and Deputy Solicitor Dale Scott tried the case for the state with assistance from 8th Circuit Investigator Walter Bentley and Victim Advocate Rhetta Smith.

Moore was represented by Charles Verner of the Newberry County Public Defender’s Office.