Trial four 05 (copy)

Shyheim Freeman looked on Thursday as testimony continued in the trial of the six men charged in connection with the 2018 shooting at Greenwood Mall.

The trial of the six men charged in connection with the Greenwood Mall shooting won’t be back in court until after Thanksgiving.

The jury was set to hear deliberation in the case at 9:30 a.m. Monday, but instead attorney Charles Grose spoke to the court on behalf of his client, Shyheim Freeman. Grose informed Judge Brooks Goldsmith that a recent death in Freeman’s family left him distraught and needing to handle personal affairs.

Grose asked the court to consider holding off on the trial this week, which was already planned to be cut short to accommodate for the Thanksgiving holiday. His motion for a continuance was granted, with the trial set to start back up the Monday after Thanksgiving.

Before the judge ruled, however, Freeman was shown support from the other attorneys involved with the case, who all either joined in the motion for a continuance or noted that they had no objections. Prosecutor and 8th Circuit Solicitor David Stumbo said while he’s sensitive to the juror’s time and eager to get the case resolved, he understood that Freeman’s circumstances could hinder his judgment when it comes to handling his own defense.

This continuance comes on the sixth day of the state’s second attempt to resolve this case — which stems from the July 28, 2018 shooting in the mall. An earlier attempt to bring this case to court in July ended shortly after striking a jury, when the judge voided the indictments against the six defendants. After prosecutors re-indicted them, Freeman, Narkevious Reid, Shyheim Alston, Shyheim Reed, Isaiah Whatley and Antonio Williams Jr. returned to court Nov. 18.

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