There wasn’t ill will, but a desire for justice Tuesday morning as relatives of a slain man attended the bond hearing of the man charged with their loved one’s shooting.

Andre Reginald Carter, 26, of 103 Wilson Ave., Bradley was arrested and charged with murder in connection to the shooting death of Allen Durrell Wilson. Carter was also charged with possession of a weapon during a violent crime and simple possession of marijuana.

A reporter was denied access to the bond hearing Tuesday morning, but an audio recording of it was provided in which lead investigator Dale Boyer asked Judge Cheryl Warren to deny Carter’s bond. He said witnesses had come forward and identified Carter as the shooter.

David Wilson, Alan Wilson’s father, was present at the bond hearing, along with Alan’s brother, David Wilson Jr.

“I hope and pray that nothing like this happens again,” Wilson’s father said, “and I hope and pray that he has a repenter’s heart for what he did.”

Wilson’s brother said his family is grieving and hurting and wants justice through the proper channels.

“That’s my baby brother,” he said. “I don’t wish bad on him or nothing like that, but he took somebody that really meant something to us.”

Carter told the judge that he has a full-time job and is a full-time dad — that he was only arrested off of “he say, she say.”

“I didn’t do it,” Carter said. “That man was my friend.”

The judge explained to Carter that she had to deny his bond because of the seriousness of the charge. A circuit court judge will have to set bond on the murder charge.

Deputies got the call shortly after midnight Saturday that there had been a shooting at 100 Highland Forest Drive. While on the way there, dispatchers told officers the person who had been shot was being taken to Self Regional Medical Center in a personal vehicle.

On arriving, two people told officers a group of people left with the injured person in their vehicle. They said an argument started at the party, and they heard multiple shots, then left, a report said. That’s when several people came from upstairs and ran to the vehicle, leaving with the injured man, they told deputies.

Officers knocked on the apartment door where the party had taken place, and after hearing no response, forced their way in, the report said. While officers taped off the area and waited for supervisors to arrive, officers learned the injured man — 33-year-old Wilson — died at the hospital. Officers said he had been shot once in the abdomen.

Deputies on scene spoke with someone who described hearing shots outside, only to step out and see Wilson injured. The witness applied pressure to Wilson’s wound and people placed him in a car to take him to the hospital, but on the way the car had problems, so Greenwood County EMS staff took Wilson the rest of the way to the hospital.

While investigators received conflicting accounts of what happened at the scene, they continued interviewing witnesses and gathering information, which culminated in a search of Carter’s residence.

“Our community is sick and tired of the senseless shootings and it shows as we navigate our way through these type investigations,” Sheriff Dennis Kelly said in a release.