When officers responding to a domestic violence call arrived at the scene, a woman opened an apartment door and immediately said “I know I’m going to jail,” according to a report.

Latoria Olivia Rodgers, 29, of 835 S. Main St., Greenwood was arrested Tuesday morning and charged with high and aggravated domestic violence.

Officers spoke with the woman, who said she had defended herself from a man who pushed his way into her apartment and choked her, threatening to kill her by breaking her neck, she told police. She described using a pocket knife to cut the man to get him away from her, and gave officers the knife, though they noted not seeing any blood on the knife.

When officers spoke with the man, he said he and the woman were in an argument when she walked over and struck him, the report said. He went to the kitchen to wash dishes, and noticed his pants leg was wet with blood — he hadn’t noticed that she had cut him with a knife, police noted.

He denied injuring the woman in any way, and the officer noted there were no injuries on the woman. EMS staff made note of a severe cut to the man’s left leg and another cut midway up his back, the report said. The man said he wasn’t cut with the pocket knife the woman gave officers, but with a switchblade knife.