Seareas Sernea Mitchell, 33, of 207 New Market St., Greenwood was arrested Thursday and charged with drawing a weapon in affray, interference with a police investigation and resisting arrest.

Greenwood police were sent Thursday morning to a New Market Street residence after 911 dispatchers received a call where they could hear someone saying “I don’t want to hurt you” and a voice mentioning that someone was holding a knife to their face.

When an officer arrived at the apartment, a woman answered the door who was holding a knife. The officer wrote that he drew his Taser and told the woman to drop the knife, and she put her hands up but did not release the knife.

A second woman came out, stepping between the officer and the woman with the knife, the report said. With little knowledge of what had happened, the officer noted his concern was for his safety and the safety of the woman without the knife, and he tried to get the second woman away from the woman with the knife.

The second woman tried to push the first back into the apartment, and when the officer tried to stop her she pushed him away, the report said. Backup arrived, and police were able to detain both women for further questioning.

The woman with the knife told police that she had been in an argument with the other woman and that the other woman had armed herself with the knife and tried to stab her. She told officers she retrieved the knife to show police when they arrived.

The other woman was uncooperative and refused to identify herself or tell police her version of events, according to police.