Fallon Sha’Lee Denise Connelley, 34, of 109 Weimer Circle, Greenwood was arrested Friday morning and charged with first-degree burglary, first-degree domestic violence, resisting arrest and resisting arrest with assault on an officer.

At about midnight Thursday, Greenwood police were called to a Russell Street residence where a man said a woman had broken into his house and attacked him, according to a report. Officers found the woman sitting in a car on the side of the roadway with several cuts on her hands and blood on her, the report said.

A man with the woman said she is his roommate and that she asked for a ride to pick up her clothes from this address, which she sometimes visits, the report said. He told police he saw her banging on the side door and that the door eventually opened and she went inside.

Later, he said she came out and was arguing with a man. Officers went inside to speak with that man, the resident. He told officers the woman used to live there, but since has moved out and was placed on trespass notice.

He told police he had been asleep in bed when he woke to the woman attacking him, striking him with her hands which appeared injured and were covered in blood. The woman was accusing him of seeing another woman, and when he called 911, she started looking for women’s clothes so she could tell police she lived there, the report said.

Officers found the door the woman had been banging on was damaged and the screen was pulled off its tracks, with blood on the floor in that area.

When officers went to speak with the woman, she tried to say she lived there, but officers knew she was on trespass notice, the report said. As they tried to arrest her and put her in a patrol car, she resisted letting them put her seat belt on, kicking at one officer and spitting on another, the report said.

She was taken to Self Regional Medical Center for treatment of the injuries to her hands, the report said.