Greenwood police -- tighter crop

A Greenwood woman was charged in connection to a shooting that happened last week.

On March 30, Greenwood police were called out to South University Street, where a woman said she had been shot at, according to a report. The woman told police that another woman came to her house trying to get money back from someone. Once there, the two women began arguing, and the woman who lived there threw money on the ground near the visiting woman’s vehicle.

The woman who drove there got out of her vehicle and while standing feet away, pointed a handgun at the other woman and fired a shot, saying “Don’t mess with me,” the report said. She then drove away toward East Cambridge Avenue.

Officers checked security cameras at a nearby house and got a photo of the woman’s vehicle, and found the bullet she fired in the dirt nearby, the report said. Officers put out an alert to law enforcement to watch for her and her vehicle.

Miyaka Zaesha Greene, 24, of 1522 Parkway Court was arrested Tuesday and charged with attempted murder and possession of a weapon during commission of a crime.