A Greenwood man received a suspended 30-year prison sentence after pleading guilty in an Abbeville stabbing case.

Shi’Heme Raquan Price pleaded guilty Jan. 8 in the Abbeville County Courthouse to voluntary manslaughter stemming from the stabbing-related death of 36-year-old Willie J. Bell, 8th Circuit Solicitor’s Office Communications Director Brian King said Thursday. Price was sentenced to 30 years in prison, suspended to four years, with two years spent behind bars and the other two under house arrest, followed by five years of probation.

Senior Assistant Solicitor Micah Black and Deputy Solicitor Yates Brown handled the state’s case, with help from investigator Chris Wilkie and victim advocate Sarah Parris. Price was represented by Greenwood attorney Stephen Geoly.

Bell was stabbed May 27 on Virginia Drive in Abbeville, and was flown to a Greenville hospital for treatment, where he died in the operating room. Abbeville police reported finding Bell sitting on the ground outside the apartment complex on Virginia Drive with a woman holding a towel to his side. He had three stab wounds.