William Thomas Blocker, 45, of 526 Sumter St., Greenwood was arrested Tuesday and charged with drawing a weapon in affray.

Greenwood police went Tuesday night to a Sumter Street residence, where dispatchers were told a man was wielding a large knife during a fight.

A woman there told police she was lying in her bedroom when she heard a fight between two men in her living room. She said one of the men had been sent money from a relative to travel to Florida, but when he tried to retrieve the money another man kept it from him.

The two men fought, but eventually split up. Later, while the man the money was intended for was outside, he and others saw the other man from the earlier fight walking back with a machete, the report said.

Another fight broke out, with the machete-wielding man swinging the blade and other witnesses getting involved to restrain and disarm him, the report said. When officers spoke to the man who had been seen with the machete, he said he got the blade only after the other man threatened him with a cinder block, but witnesses described the man with the machete as the fight’s instigator.