Grainger Coleman Hines, 50, of 201 Bowles Ave., Greenwood was arrested Thursday and charged with strong-arm robbery.

On Thursday, a woman called Greenwood police to say a relative of hers was being released from the hospital and she was afraid for her safety because he had assaulted her in the past, according to a report.

While the officer spoke with that woman, another woman called 911 saying she visited the man in the hospital and he made threats to kill her and to have his relative killed, the report said. She told police he said he would have his drug dealer shoot his relative’s house.

The woman also told officers that earlier the man had been at his relative’s house asking for money to buy illegal drugs, but when the relative refused he shook her by the shoulders and threatened to break her neck. The relative corroborated this story, and said she gave him some money out of fear, the report said.