A Greenwood man was charged with domestic violence after multiple people reported he choked a woman and shot a dog.

Greenwood County deputies were called out Sunday morning to a Heathwood Drive residence, where they found a woman and children crying, a report said. The woman and children were taken outside while officers secured a rifle they found in the house and tried to detain the man, who was detained after officers repeatedly called to him.

The woman told deputies the man woke her up at 3 a.m. angry at her and locked her out of the bedroom, so she went to sleep on the couch. Soon after, he came into the room and began attacking and strangling her, and a child in the room saw the attack, the report said.

The woman and child told officers their dog bit the man’s face as he was attacking the woman, and the man grabbed a rifle and shot the dog.

Stephen Coy Davis, 39, of Greenwood was arrested Sunday and charged with high and aggravated domestic violence.