Garron Nathaniel Milbourn, 32, of 68 Third St., Greenwood was arrested Sunday and charged with drawing weapon in affray, petit larceny and resisting arrest.

Greenwood police went Sunday night to Third Street, where people reported that a man took a toolbox from someone’s front porch, according to a report.

Officers spoke with a resident who said he was taking a nap when he heard a knock at the door and greeted a man he recognized that walks the area often, the report said. The man at the door mentioned someone owing $15, and the man inside said he wasn’t sure about any money owed and would not let the other man come in.

The man outside drew a knife, the report said, and began to cut the zip tie holding the screen door closed, eventually lifting the knife up aggressively and saying “I have nothing to lose” to the man inside, the report said.

When the resident closed the door, the man with the knife took a toolbox from the porch and carried it away, the report said.