Quintrell Deion Seigler, 26, of 320 Byrd St., Greenwood was arrested Monday and charged with attempted murder.

Several Greenwood police officers gathered Monday afternoon near Hollman Street after one officer heard gunshots nearby and had met up with three people who said they had been shot at, according to a report.

One of the three people told police they were all in a car driving along White Oak Lane and looking for a relative of his, the report said. When they couldn’t find the relative, they turned around and left, and on their way toward Cokesbury Street, the back seat passenger recognized two people in the area and saw one of them running across the street holding a gun.

As the trio drove off, the passenger in the back saw those two men he recognized following them in a silver Ford Focus before the two men eventually began to shoot at the trio, the report said. The driver of the car in front lost control and eventually wrecked the vehicle, and the shooters drove past, turning onto Reynolds Avenue.

Officers later learned that one of the shooters was seen on Taggart Street driving a silver Dodge Charger, and officers were able to find and detain that man, the report said.

That man said he didn’t know anything about the shooting and said he was headed to a friend’s house, but when officers pressed him for details he said he didn’t know the friend’s real name and wouldn’t answer where this friend lived.

Officers found a handgun in the Charger, along with another license plate on the floorboard that belonged to a Ford Fusion, the report said.

Officers weren’t able to immediately locate the other man identified as one of the shooters.