After reportedly being kicked in the face by a man who would later come toward her wielding a bush ax, a woman called 911 to report she and another person had been assaulted.

Tyrone Parker, 37, of 520 Hitching Post Road, Greenwood was arrested Saturday and charged with first-degree assault and battery and second-degree assault and battery.

At about 8:30 a.m. Saturday, Greenwood County deputies went to a Hitching Post Road residence responding to an assault call and found a woman who appeared to be bleeding from the mouth and was leaving bloodstains wherever she went. She told officers a man had kicked her, then when she fell he kicked her in the face.

Another woman tried to stop the man’s attack, but was punched herself, the report said. The first woman told officers while she tried to hide in a vehicle, she saw the man grab a bush ax and start walking toward her.

A witness corroborated the two women’s stories, and when officers spoke with the man he only said he was trying to move things out because he was tired of staying in a mobile camper.