Police lights

Authorities arrested and charged three teenage males on multiple counts of armed robbery. The Greenwood County Sheriff’s Office was in the process of investigating four separate armed robberies in the county that trace back to Dec. 23.

The first armed robbery occurred at about 11:30 p.m. Dec. 23 on Short Leaf Court in Greenwood. A delivery driver from a local restaurant was robbed at gunpoint by four people who fled the scene on foot. The robbers stole food, cash and personal property from the driver. Officers searched, but could not find any of the robbers, so investigators were called in.

The second armed robbery happened at 11 p.m. Dec. 24 at the same location as the first robbery. The four people matched the same description, and they robbed another delivery driver from a different local restaurant. They stole cash, food, and personal belongings from the driver before fleeing from the scene on foot. The Bloodhound tracking team was called to the scene, but the search for the robbers was unsuccessful. Investigators were called back to the scene to gather more evidence for their ongoing investigation.

A third robbery was reported on Thursday at 12:55 a.m. at West Brook Apartments. The robbers again stole food, money and personal property from a driver. The robbers fled the scene on foot again and the Bloodhound Tracking team was called, but authorities remained unsuccessful in capturing the robbers. Investigators were called in to find more evidence.

GSCO got another report of an armed robbery Thursday at West Brook Apartments. The people stole food, cash and personal property from yet another driver.

GSCO’s Uniform Patrol Deputies used the information from the previous robberies to capture someone who was near the scene of the fourth robbery.

The teen was still in possession of some of the stolen property.

At the apartments, deputies found two other teens who they suspect are responsible for the robberies, and evidence connecting them to the three other crimes.

Deputies are still looking for a fourth suspect.