Police tape

Deputies are working on fresh leads in the investigation into the death of a Honea Path man who was found injured and unconscious beside a highway.

David Lee Todd, 39, of Bell Road, died Dec. 5 at Self Regional Medical Center. He had been found two days earlier when a farmer living off Highway 178 North came across Todd’s unconscious body near his barn.

The farmer told deputies he was going to go deer hunting when he found Todd lying near a cedar tree. Officers noted that Todd had pale legs, and EMS staff loaded him into an ambulance and took him to Self’s emergency room.

Todd had a severe brain bleed and several fractures to his head, according to a sheriff’s office report. Greenwood County Coroner’s Office said the manner of Todd’s death was homicide.

Investigators from Greenwood and Abbeville counties began looking into the case as an attempted murder immediately after finding Todd, but following his death, they treated the case as a homicide investigation.

Capt. Cody Bishop, head of investigations at the Greenwood County Sheriff’s Office, said deputies were working fresh leads as of Thursday. Several investigators are working full time on this case and he was confident they were heading in the right direction.

Though he didn’t want to reveal additional details of the investigation, he said officers are working hard to uncover the circumstances of Todd’s death.

Anyone with information about this case is asked to call deputies at 864-942-8632, or Crime Stoppers at 888-274-6372.