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There's no masking it. I love (the royal) you


Some things you can't hide with a mask, such as Matthew Hensley's bad hair day.

CLINTON — It took longer than I was hoping — close to two weeks — but they're finally here.

My masks.

You might wonder why I seek to cover my face. Is it because I'm ashamed?

That is a negatory. I am blessed with far more self-esteem than anyone should have. In fact, Carly Simon once wrote a song about me — 11 years before I was born!

Perhaps, then, I am hiding my face to perpetrate some crime?

Such behavior has never been part of my repertoire and would likely have me changing out of my pajamas, so I'll pass. And if police don't think a bank heist counts as being at work, I could face a fine and jail time.

No, I have a mask because I love you.

The royal "you," that is, and not necessarily you in particular.

I want to do my part to slow the spread of COVID-19, which means I started working remotely as soon as I could and have been avoiding unnecessary trips out since before Gov. Henry McMaster issued his work-or-home order.

And now, pursuant to the CDC's recommendation, I will wear a mask out during any rare public appearance. Not to protect me, mind you, but to protect you.

These masks are to prevent the wearer from spreading the new coronavirus should they have it and not know, which is far more likely than some might think. Researchers believe people can spread this respiratory illness before they show symptoms — and some might never show symptoms.

Most people will only see mild or moderate symptoms, although our lack of immunity to this novel virus and the high mortality rate among certain at-risk groups make it important to slow the spread.

If you, too, want to show people you love them, cover your face. I got mine off Etsy. If you're craftier than I, just Google instructions on how to make your own. Remember, unless you're a health care worker and actually need an N95, a cloth face covering is what is recommended.

Now I have got to get back to what's important: buying a Nicolas Cageling mug.

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