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Social distancing? It's a radio world

rw and dave

Dave Fezler, top dawg at Sunny 103.5 and host of the weekday morning show, works the controls in his studio as I ready to take to the airways with him. No worries. He has that delay button in case I go astray.

This work-from-home plan is on its third day for me. I didn't even make it through the weekend before I had to escape. I opted to jump from the print and digital world and into the world of broadcast, with a visit to Dave Fezler at Sunny 103.5 this morning.

Worry not. Despite the fact we both are in the COVID-19 risk group (based on age), we maintained a healthy distance from each other. I even had my own mic and Dave assured me they spray everything down first thing each morning.

Here's the thing. Dave has been practicing social distancing long before it was even a phrase. While Dave will frequently have guests in the studio to talk about events and the like, he's typically there by himself. Just Dave, a mic, a fancy computer system for queueing up music and commercials. And a telephone for when he has contests running. But Movie Monday shut down last week. Winning tickets to a movie theater that's closed isn't much of a win these days.

It was nice to get out a bit and visit with Dave. And Cookie, his sweet poodle who is as much a part of the studio as Dave. In between conversation about the coronavirus, how it's affecting work and personal life, and discussing the prospect of golfing soon, Dave played tunes, delivered live commercials and weather updates. He even played "Carolina Girls" as a tribute to Judi Burns, the Index-Journal's former publisher who died this past August.

Who knows, but this might turn into a semi-regular thing. I'm thinking Dave ought to turn the morning show over to me when he and Martine take a vacation.

Lord knows, much like Dave I have a face for radio.

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