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No more cat naps? Why!?!?


Rachael clearly wants to be left alone. Maybe it's so she can make deadline. Or it might be nap o'clock.

CLINTON — Everyone has that coworker.

You know the one.

The individual who comes in and proclaims that the world and everything in it is awful. This being had to unload negativity about something, anything.

At my work, her name is Rachael.

You always know when she's coming. She loudly stamps and stomps as she marches across the floor to you.

Then she stares at you and starts screaming, yes, screaming. About what is usually unclear.

I mean, she's a cat. I can't understand what she's saying.

She was normally quiet. She'd talk a little, but she just mostly slept. Sometimes Rachael would curl up on my lap and purr.

Then, everything changed. Now she no longer gets her eight-plus hours of silence to sleep during the day because the people are all home, too.

And without her extended daytime cat nap, she's cranky. I like to imagine that she's mostly screaming, "Why?!?!"

Perhaps it's just a sign that she, too, is adjusting to the new normal. We're all in this together, after all — even our pets.

Between social distancing and sanitizing, make sure to some extra love to your furry pals as their world has been turned upside-down too.

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