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Governor, can you also open this bridge?


If he can open beaches and retail stores across the state, can Gov. McMaster get our little Mathis Road bridge reopened?

That's the ole Southern style. Southern states have been Rebels ever since — well, ever since the Civil War. Or, if you prefer, the War of Northern Aggression. Whatever moniker you want to give the South, the fact is our states are steeped in a history of standing up to the Feds, thumbing their noses and saying "Hell, no!"

Such was the case yesterday when Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, a Republican, went beyond President Trump's recommendations for safely opening states back up. Our own Gov. Henry McMaster yesterday announced public beaches are to be reopened, plus he suspended the closure of many retail outlets he had only days ago declared nonessential. And he announced a campaign, branded AccelerateSC, designed to give state residents a one-stop-shop for COVID-19 commerce information.

All these things are taking place with the full knowledge there will be more people testing positive in the days and weeks to come. More positives likely will mean more deaths, but the needs of the many outweigh the needs and lives of the few. And really, at least around here, has it really changed much? Have you seen the masses out shopping at Lowe's and other stores? Maybe the whole "herd immunity" thing will work out. Or, at least, "herd mentality" seems to be the order of the day.

I admit to having to make a run out the other day, but was cautious. On the trip back home I had to check on something, though, and that's the little causeway along Mathis Road, the one that connects Cobb Road travelers on their way to Bruster's, Office Max or Wally World. It's been closed since the summer of 2018. It's been touted as opening soon. It's been closed so long that I think they've had to put fresh signage up to denote the detour.

Sure enough, it remains closed. I was hoping that with more people abiding by the governor's work-or-home order the crews could get back out there and get that thing fixed.

Governor, can you issue another executive order? Please? That the bridge be reopened too? We don't need it for beach access, but we'd sure like it for quicker access to all those retail stores that are opened today.

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