An illustration of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2)., which was identified as the cause of an outbreak of respiratory illness first detected in Wuhan, China in 2019. The illness caused by this virus has been named coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

Two more Abbeville County residents have tested positive for the new coronavirus, part of 82 new cases state health officials announced on Wednesday.

So far, the state Department of Health and Environmental Control has reported 424 cases of COVID-19 in South Carolina, with three cases to date in Abbeville County and two in Greenwood County.

So far, seven people have died of the fast-spreading respiratory virus, which has been diagnosed in residents of 39 the state's 46 counties. Health officials are projecting the state will have 2,657 cumulative cases by April 2 and 8,053 by May 2.

“As the number of cases in the state significantly increases, the method for controlling the disease spread changes from in-depth investigations of every individual case to community strategies,” Dr. Brannon Traxler, DHEC physician consultant, said in a release. “Residents should not expect individual notification that they were exposed to a case, rather everyone should practice social distancing, stay home and stay away from other people if they’re sick, and wash their hands frequently with soap and water.”

Symptoms of COVID-19 are typically minor, but the virus can sometimes lead to serious illness and even death, especially in those who are older or have underlying medical problems.