The leftover Halloween candy bowl is always a little bit dangerous. But this year, that’s even more pronounced.

The great holiday arrived last week and, for the first time in a number of years, it was almost a washout in many parts of South Carolina. We had a terrible storm at our house right at about 6:15 on Halloween night, which is, of course, typically prime trick-or-treating time.

The storm was so prodigious and so targeted to our area that, at one point, the meteorologist on our local evening newscast zoomed in the Doppler radar literally to the street we live on, and pointed it out as a sort of ground zero for the squall.

Everything turned out OK, and we didn’t have any damage from the sudden storm. We even got some sorely needed rain. But the wet conditions did, naturally, put a damper on trick-or-treating. After the weather cleared a bit, my daughter and I hit the streets (she was a vampire this year) and we noted far fewer people were out hunting for candy than on a typical Halloween.

That held true at our house, as well, as we only had a handful of kids stop by looking for treats.

What that meant, practically, is that we handed out far less candy than we normally do. In fact, the candy bowl that we had set aside for visiting trick-or-treaters was still nearly full at the end of the night, with all those Reese’s Cups and Whoppers and Kit Kats and fun-size Snickers and Milky Ways piled high and waiting to be plucked.

This is a problem.

I’m not to be trusted around Reese’s Cups, in particular. Snickers can be an issue, too. Like many people, when I have a big bowl of Halloween candy sitting around, it’s easy for me to go from, “I think I’ll have just one” to “I think I’ll have just one dozen.” Pretty soon you can find me collapsed on the couch in a sugar-induced coma, the tell-tale orange wrappers strewn all about.

I’ll probably end up taking the leftovers to the office on Monday, where they won’t last long.

But not before I grab just one (dozen) more Reese’s.

The shot heard

’round LittlejohnLeftover candy wasn’t the only thing sweet that came out of last week. In fact, Lander University’s women’s basketball team scored a big victory on Tuesday, and it was one that had to be particularly sweet for head coach Kevin Pederson.

As I’m certain you likely saw in the Index-Journal or on TV or the web, the Bearcats — an NCAA Division II team from the Peach Belt Conference — went to Littlejohn Coliseum and defeated Clemson — a Division I squad from the powerful Atlantic Coast Conference — 74-72 in an exhibition game.

Lander went on a 19-5 run in the final minutes of the contest, capping it with a game-winning jump shot at the buzzer from center Miriam Recarte. The sophomore’s shot set off a wild celebration, with Lander’s players screaming in jubilation and dog-piling on the Tigers’ home floor.

Now it was, of course, an exhibition. Clemson will most assuredly rally and see better days this coming season.

At the same time, this wasn’t some massive fluke. Pederson, who’s now been at Lander for 15 years, has built one hell of a program in Greenwood. He is Lander’s all-time winningest women’s hoops coach, and he’s taken the team to the Division II NCAA tournament 10 times. They went to the Sweet 16 just last season.

And there’s the fact that Pederson is a Clemson graduate, and his name has been connected with the Clemson coaching job when it has come open in the past. He was classy and respectful in his postgame comments following last week’s victory, as you would expect. But I’m betting that he privately regards that one as a particularly memorable win. I know the Bearcats’ players won’t soon forget it.

Chris Trainor is a contributing columnist for the Index-Journal. Contact him at You can follow him on Twitter @ChrisTrainorSC. Views expressed in this column are those of the writer only and do not represent the newspaper’s opinion.