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Carl White is executive producer and host of the award winning show “Carl White’s Life In the Carolinas,” which airs on WLOS ABC 5 a.m. Saturdays and 1:30 p.m. Sundays at WMYA My 40. Visit, email White at

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It all started when I noticed pencil-sized holes in the yard — so many that it looked like someone had aerated. The holes were primarily located not far from the base of big trees. I pondered what might have caused hundreds of what seemed to be perfectly round holes with no pattern. I looked…

It seems like there is a lot of noise in the world today. We are in the beginning of a new decade. We have never had a 2020 before. It has a nice ring to it; maybe that’s because Barbara Walters burned it into the minds of millions of Americans, including myself, on the ABC News Magazine sho…

It was a long time ago on Christmas morning that little Timmy and his sister Sara woke up early and ran downstairs to see what Santa had brought. They did not expect much, but there was always something special under the tree.

A Christmas tree atop an automobile stimulates thoughts of happiness. I imagine these trees in their new homes bringing the Christmas season to life with their fresh cut smell. And then it’s time for everyone to come together to decorate. Everyone has their style.

We have been busy elves working on our new Christmas Special. The 2019 theme is A Carolinas Heritage Christmas. We have been filming on location in historic Gold Hill, North Carolina.

I don’t know if you have noticed or not, but time sure seems to speed up as the years pass. It may be like one of those double-blind drug research programs where one group is given the real drug and another group is given a placebo pill that looks the same as the real thing. Neither the test…

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So, there we were on stage at the Hub Center in Hudson, North Carolina. It was a full house; the band was in tune and the cameras were rolling. New York Times bestselling author Jan Karon was in her element as we talked about all things Mitford.

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It was a busy weekend for on-location productions. It all started early Saturday at the Taylorsville Apple Festival as we continued our search for some of the tastiest apple pies in the Carolinas. Cameras were on location early enough to see the morning come alive.

I have come to understand that apple pie is far more than dessert — it’s part of our American identity. It’s true that our beloved tasty treat takes on many forms and flavors. That’s part of what makes it the perfect end to a nice meal.

I have come to understand that bacon is more than food. It seems to have the power to drive people to all sorts of levels of human experience.

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Over the years, we have produced many broadcast segments that celebrate music in the Carolinas and those who bring it to life.

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Carolina days in late summer provide us with humid warm weather, afternoon showers and the anticipation of a colorful fall season. This time of the year also provides a forgotten or little know tasty treat.

Not long ago, we were filming on location in Pittsboro, North Carolina, at the Rosemary House Bed and Breakfast. We were on the front porch capturing a scene of a couple in rocking chairs; they were enjoying the calming effect of rocking, a refreshing beverage, conversation and the gentle aw…

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Summertime busy is a different kind of busy. We are often rushing off to somewhere to relax. Maybe a trip to the beach to enjoy the surf and sun or a high-country visit with cooler days.

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