A teacher at Ninety Six Primary School insisted that her invitation to an Easter-themed event at the school was misunderstood and was not meant to offend anybody.

The invitation urged parents to dress their children as bunnies. But not just any bunnies.

“Please use very light (white, tan or light grey only) clothes for the bunny,” it said, adding: “We do not want any dark bunnies.”

A picture of the invitation with that sentence underlined was posted on Facebook on Monday, along with a call to wear dark clothing at the event.

Crystil Still, who teaches music at the primary school, wrote the invitation that caused a social media stir. But it turns out “We do not want any dark bunnies” was not the final sentence of her invitation.

Still’s note went on to offer costume tips for how parents should outfit their children, suggesting they wear mostly white outfits that can be accented with items in pastel colors. “We want a spring design for the stage and are using only light/pastel colors,” she wrote.

On learning of the offending line in her invitation, Still issued a written apology.

“I am so sorry if it offended anyone because that was definitely not my intent,” Still wrote in an apology that was sent to parents Tuesday afternoon. “I was referring to the clothing that the students need to wear for the program so that they will all look ‘spring-like’ dressed in light colored clothing.”

Still could not immediately be reached for comment.

Students will sing songs about Easter, bunnies and spring at the April 29 event. An art show and book fair will follow.

Superintendent Rex Ward apologized on the district’s behalf. He called the sentence referencing “dark bunnies” inappropriate and said it was not meant to offend anybody.

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