Donna Babb’s family is still on pins and needles, awaiting any news on her whereabouts.

Babb, 54, was last seen in early October and was reported missing after her family hadn’t heard from her in a while. Her sister, Jeannie Simpson, said it’s unusual to go without word from Babb.

“I’m just terrified, honestly. We’re all very, very worried,” Simpson said. “It’s just not like her to not get in touch.”

The Ware Shoals Police Department has been working to locate Babb, and are continuing to seek tips. Anyone who knows her whereabouts, or has seen or heard from her is urged to call police at 864-450-9545 or dial 911.

Ware Shoals Police Chief Bryan Louis said officers have followed up on sporadic tips, but have gotten little in the way of new leads. They went into a wooded area in town on Monday following a tip but found nothing there.

On Dec. 3, police followed a tip to an embankment in the area of the dam on the Saluda River in Ware Shoals. There, they found a purse that had insurance cards in it belonging to Babb, along with other items like jewelry and coins.

Louis said officers have had cadaver dogs searching for remains, and drained a retention pond in town so rescue divers could search it, but came up with nothing. The initial report on Babb’s disappearance has more than 60 supplemental reports attached to it, Louis said, where officers have added tips and follow-ups they’ve done.

Simpson said her family has been working closely with police to try and get answers, although she’s sometimes afraid of what answer they might get. Still, she doesn’t want to go without closure.

“I’m afraid of going the rest of my life without knowing what’s happened to my sister,” she said. “We miss her, we love her and we need her found.”

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