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Lakeview and Mathews elementary schools were each briefly placed on lockout Thursday afternoon after law enforcement received calls reporting possible gunshots near each of the schools.

The two lockouts were unrelated and occurred about an hour apart from one another. During a lockout, students are brought into the school and teachers take their attendance, but business inside is otherwise unchanged.

Greenwood County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Jeff Graham said the call reporting shots heard near Lakeview was “unfounded.” Deputies interviewed people in the area including grounds workers at the school who said they did not hear any gunfire.

Graham said such calls might become frequent in the next couple of weeks as hunters prepare for deer season.

“It could just be someone hearing gunshots and not telling how far off they are,” Graham said. “Some people don’t know. They just hear a gunshot and they don’t know if its a mile away — to them it could be next door.”

An hour earlier Mathews Elementary School was briefly placed on lockout after a person called Greenwood police to report hearing gunshots in the area.

The lockout lasted less than 10 minutes.

“Officers checked the area, didn’t find any evidence of anything going on, didn’t find anybody,” said Greenwood Police PIO Jonathan Link. “As best we could tell, everything was clear.”

Link said the lone caller reported hearing what sounded like gunshots, and there was no definitive evidence that someone had discharged a gun nearby.