A driver hit multiple cars at three different intersections at about 5:30 p.m., officials said, causing property damage but no life-threatening injuries.

“Basically what it looks like is a hit and run,” Maj. Cody Bishop with the Greenwood County Sheriff’s Office said.

The first crash occurred in the intersection of Durst and Cambridge avenues, while the second collision happened at the intersection of Cambridge and Grace Street, Bishop said. The driver then approached the intersection of Calhoun and Hampton avenues, which is where he was ultimately apprehended by law enforcement.

“It looks like the vehicle here in the intersection struck a vehicle back here in the other intersection which would be Durst and Cambridge, intersection before that would be Cambridge and Grace, struck a vehicle there (and) left the scene coming up to the sidewalk striking several fixtures upon the highway before we made contact with him. He’s been arrested at the moment,” Bishop said.

A man whose truck had been hit, resulting in him losing a tire, recalled a car in the middle of the intersection of Calhoun and Hampton running a red light and hitting a pole. He, too, said the car had caused a wreck at another intersection and drove away.

Officers were in the early stages of the investigation and the driver had not been identified or charged.

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