An investigation into “irregular activity” in the finance department of Greenwood School District 51 was broadened Friday after it uncovered a hack of one of the department’s computers.

Superintendent Fay Sprouse said an unauthorized payroll disbursement of $1,200 had been made. “Fortunately, the money was recovered,” she told district staff and students in an email Tuesday.

“At this time, we do not suspect that any student information has been accessed, nor, with the one exception, personnel-related data; however, all systems are being thoroughly examined,” Sprouse wrote. “We also encourage employees to monitor any bank and other accounts and free credit reporting services. If you become aware of any unusual transactions, please advise your bank and the finance department immediately.”

The district and the Greenwood County Sheriff’s Office are investigating the hack, Sprouse said. She has also requested that SLED assist with the investigation.

“All users have been instructed to change passwords,” Sprouse wrote to students and staff. “All who use our devices are asked to inform us if any suspicious emails are received. Do not open attachments from unknown sources.

“We will inform you immediately if the investigation reveals any other unauthorized transactions or system vulnerabilities.”

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