Filing for the election to fill Ninety Six’s vacant Ward 5 town council seat closes at 5 p.m. Friday. As of Wednesday afternoon, the only candidate who filed was former councilwoman Joan Walker.

Former councilman Arvest Turner stepped down in June to focus on his health, leaving the seat open for a general election bid. Filing opened July 3 and closed at 5 p.m. Friday, with the election scheduled for Sept. 1.

The only candidate who had filed by Wednesday afternoon was Walker, who Turner unseated in the 2017 election. Walker served two terms on town council, and was the head of the town’s judicial committee during her tenure.

One of Walker’s biggest projects during her time on council was to go through the town’s ordinance book and update the laws to reflect how times have changed. It’s a mission she’d like to get back to, she said Wednesday. “I’ve always been interested in the town, and I love Ninety Six,” she said. “My baby was the ordinances, and I’ve been watching and haven’t seen much done about the ordinances since.”

She said she’d like to run for her old council seat so she can get the chance to work on cleaning up the town’s codebook yet again. Some laws are outdated and no longer applicable, while others have been rendered unenforceable over the years. Others need stricter enforcement guidelines, while some just need more clarity so residents can better understand the laws.

“I think that’s a lot of our problem,” she said, “We just don’t understand them, and we just don’t know what they are.”

The race is limited to voters who live within Ward 5. A ward map is available online at

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