“Justice for Cody” was the chant as dozens of relatives, friends and loved ones came out in support Tuesday night, carrying picket signs and crying out to the community for justice for Cody Hawkins.

The 24-year-old father of a nearly 2-year-old child was slain in a drive-by shooting May 19 on Pearl Street. No suspect has been identified in connection with Hawkins’ killing so on Tuesday, his loved ones took to the streets with the aid of Greenville anti-gun advocate Jack Logan to cry out for justice.

“We’ve got a young man that’s been murdered and somebody out there knows who killed Cody,” Logan said. “I want them in jail for the rest of their life.”

The march comes the same day that 22-year-old Zykevious Ramsey was shot and killed on his front porch at Thornbrook Court.

Wearing “Long Live Cody” shirts and carrying signs advocating for justice for the young father, son and friend, the crowd that gathered at Magnolia Park and began their march up toward Seaboard Avenue, and then back along Pressley and Greene streets. A lack of permits meant the group couldn’t march in the streets, Logan said, but they stuck to walking two-wide along the sidewalk instead.

In part, the march is a way for Hawkins’ grieving family to express their anger, frustration and confusion over their loss and lack of answers. LaBrittany Hawkins, Cody’s sister, said there hasn’t been a real moment’s rest for her since he died.

“I don’t sleep, period,” she said. “ All I can remember is how cold my brother was to me. Like y’all took all the life out of him. He is gone.”

To the people taking up guns in the community, she said the violence has been senseless.

“I just don’t understand how you can take a father from their child. How you can take a mother’s son. How you can take my brother from me, and he didn’t even bother y’all?” she said. “You know who you are — you know what you’ve done ... so if you’re taking his life, give yours. Just walk up to the jailhouse and go and turn yourself in.”

She emphasized that one of the 10 Commandments is “Thou shalt not kill,” and said whether her brother’s killer answers to police or to God, they’ll answer to someone eventually.

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