There’s no credible threat — that’s what Greenwood’s law enforcement agencies are saying after social media buzzed with rumors of a potential weekend shooting at Walmart.

On Wednesday, the Greenwood County Sheriff’s Office and Greenwood police heard word about a message making the rounds online about the potential shooting. Deputies and police met with the management of both Walmart locations in Greenwood, according to a news release Friday morning from the sheriff’s office.

“Our local law enforcement is aware, but at this time everything leads to this being false,” Sheriff Dennis Kelly said in the release.

Police took to Facebook Wednesday night posting about how there was no credible information regarding the threat, and urging people to call 911 if they hear rumors like this rather than spreading the message online.

“Random ‘Sharing’ and ‘Posting’ on Facebook or any other social media outlet generates panic and does not help us prevent potential problems,” the sheriff’s office release said.