District 50

The names and dates of birth of an undisclosed number of students in Greenwood County School District 50 have been compromised, according to a press release the district sent out Wednesday morning.

The breach was caused by a security issue with an assessment tool, AIMSweb, made by London-based education software developer Pearson.

Only last and first names were compromised. Middle names, schools, addresses and Social Security numbers were not.

“The district mailed all affected students’ families a copy of a letter from Pearson with instructions on next steps,” it said in the release. “While this incident is considered low risk, the district encourages parents to utilize the complimentary credit monitoring provided by Pearson for affected students through Experian.”

The release says that Pearson notified the district of the security issue, although it does not say when the company did so.

“The district no longer uses this software,” the release says. “Pearson has assured District 50 that they are no longer using AIMSweb 1.0 as well.

“After Pearson notified District 50 about the issue, the district and Pearson worked together to understand the details of our district’s data. The district also contacted Pearson about its plans to destroy the data. Pearson has informed District 50 that the data will be deleted upon the conclusion of the investigation.”

Parents with questions about the breach can email Pearson at aimsweb1request@pearson.com. Those who are interested in credit monitoring may call Experian at 866-883-3309.