Greenwood County School District 50

Some students have been disciplined at Greenwood High School in the past week for violating the school's flag policy by having American flags on their vehicles.

Johnathan Graves, community services coordinator for Greenwood County School District 50, said the school has had a policy for seven years that says students cannot fly flags on their vehicles on school grounds.

"The reason they have that is of course if they let one go, let's say they let the American flag go, then they'll have to let all of them go," Graves said. "So to take away any of that concern, they went ahead and just said that no flags could be flown on any vehicles on campus at any time."

Graves said the students who violated the rule were informed of it and if they kept violating it, they were subject to disciplinary actions.

"Administration has pretty much addressed the situation, they informed the students what the rule was, and then students adhere to the rule," Graves said. "Now if the students didn't adhere to the rule and they violated the rule, then they were going to be held accountable to the rules that are in the Student's Rights and Responsibilities Handbook."