Burns, Deborah Ann B. and Butler, Richard L. to Nicholson 5 LLC and Nicholson Five LLC, Lt. 15, East End Heights, $58,000.

James, Barry S. to Harrington, Joshua R., Lt/Unit 3-B, Ph. I, Quarterpath, $93,000.

Emerald Car Wash Inc, to Chihta LLC and Fang, Yuh Ya and Zhen, Song, Parcel 2, Enterprise Park, $345,000.

Cannon, Justin Edwin to Cannon, Justin Edwin and Cannon, April Eanes, Parcel County, $0.

Hawkins, George and Pinckney, Jeff and Hawkins, George A .to TJ Homes LLC, Lt. 19, The Eleven Acres, $4,000.

Hawkins, George and Pinckney, Jeff to TJ Homes LLC, Lot 141, Stoney Point Sub, $6,000.

Salgado, Juvenal and Salgado, Rosario to Justo, Teresa Fercano and Azamar, Erika and Fercano, Justo Teresa, Lot, Taggart Street, $50,000.

Crouch, Helga J. to Crouch, Wayne and Crouch, Gary and Crouch, Helga J., Lt. 13, County.

Lisa Ann Hamlett and Hamlett, Lisa L. to Lemmons, Leslie H. and Hamlett, Lisa Ann and Hamlett, Lisa L. and Hamlett, C. Darrell, Tract US Highway 178 County.

Lisa Ann Hamlett and Hamlett, Lisa L. to Lemmons, Leslie H. and Hamlett, Lisa Ann and Hamlett, Lisa L. and Hamlett, C. Darrell, Lt. 7, County.

Lisa Ann Hamlett and Hamlett, Lisa L. to Lemmons, Leslie H. and Hamlett, Lisa Ann and Hamlett. Lisa L, and Hamlett, C. Darrell, Lts. A, B, C, County.

Ditech Financial LLC to Alvarez, Michael, Tract A & B, County, $104,400.

Alvarez, Michael to Alvarez, Michael and Alvarez, Angela, Tract A & B County.

Sprouse, John S, and Sprouse, Deborah Y. to Miller, Jessica Lynn, Lot 3, Pine Drive, $197,500.

Thigpen, Myrtice H. By AIF and Riddle, Sheila Thigpen AIF and Thigpen, P. Michael and Alexander, Wanda T. and Riddle, Sheila T. and Lagrone, Sharon T. to Blackwell, Kathleen J., Lot, County, $85,000.

Cockrell, Melisa Lynn to Matthews, Angela Renee, Lot (20) Twenty, Hyde Park Sub.

Partlow, Elsie N. By AIF and Posley, Annie L. AIF to Partlow, Elsie N. and Posley, Annie L. and Posley, Keba J., Parcels County, $0.

Bettencourt, Kenneth M. Trustee and K & L Retirement Plan & Trust FBO and Bettencourt, Kenneth M. and Bettencourt, Laura G. and K And L Retirement Plan And Trust FBO to OM Group LLC, Parcels County, $51,000.

Stroud, Jonathan Z. By AIF and Stroud, Angela S. and Stroud, Angela S. AIF to Hodges, Jason D., Lt. 13, Sec. C, Hunter’s Creek Plantation Sub, $300,000.

Dellinger, Roy and Dellinger, Tamra to Mumford, George R. and Mumford, Dayle C., Lt. 12, Bl. 1, Unit 2, Greenwood Shores Sub, $175,000.

Cook, Martha Diane to Austin, Alice May and Austin, Kenneth, Lt. 9, County.

Bodlah, Niaz and Sultana, Fouzia By AIF and Fouzia, Sultana By AIF and Bodlah, Niaz AIF to Smalls, Michael L. and Anderson, Onteasia N., Lt. 20, Kensington Sub, $179,000.

Thomas, Patricia M. to Thomas, Dee Ann and Thomas, Michael A., Lt. A & B, Bl. J, Byth Heights Sub.

Kelly, Vincent to R.T. Bailey Construction Inc, Lt. 136, Ph. I, Sec. I, Stoney Point Sub, $15,000.

Jones, Wyshondia S. to Clairborne Development LLC, Ph. II, Centre Court Right Of Way Parcels ID #6837-765-125 & 6837-741-163, $3,000.

Ditech Financial LLC and Green Tree Servicing LLC to Secretary Of Housing And Urban Development, Lt. 19, Laurel Wood Sub. Ph. II.

Neighbors United Federal Credit Union to Hawkins Kenneth, Lts. Laurel Road, $23,000.

Joseph, Shannon D. to Richardson, Carol W. and Richardson, Mark A., Lt. Jennings Ave., $138,500.

Tricounty Amateur Radio Group to Norris, Jack N., Parcel County.

Davis, Theresa C. to Lee, Jami E., Lts. 32 &33 McCombs Sub.

Iverson, Donnie A. and Iverson, Cathy S. to C S Invesments LLC, Tract County, $33,000.

Olsen, Norma J. to Sexton, James V. and Sexton, Gail F., Lt. 61, Ph. V, Brentwood Sub., $181,000.

Charles, James D. to Gantt, Davis Alexandra, Lt. 19, Westover Sub., $158,400.

Charleston Place At Lake Greenwood LLC to Cronin, James P. and Cronin Laura J., Lot 34, Charleston Place Sub., $144,900.

Adams, L. B. Jr. to Blue Bottle LLC, Parcels County.

Watts, Nicole and Miller, Nicole to Palmetto Property Buyers LLC, Lot F-2, County, $1,300.

Field, Cynthia R. Trustee and Field, Cynthia R. Revocable Trust and Cynthia R. Field Revocable Trust and Field, Cynthia R. to Underwood, David C. and Underwood, Sara, Lts. 6 & 7 Harbor Ridge Sub. Ph. 1 And 1999 Gold Medal Manufactured Home, $238,750.

Whitmire Agency LLC to Equity Trust Company Custodian FBO and Erin, Hutchinson Ira, Lt. 9, Stoney Point, $10,000.

Harrison, Carroll Eugene Trustee and Harrison, Lee Roy Jr. Trustee and Harrison, Helen L. Trust and Helen L. Harrison Trust to Harrison, Carroll Eugene Jr. Trustee and Harrison, Lee Roy Jr. Trustee and Harrison, Duane Trust and Duane Harrison Trust and Harrison, Duane, Lt. 10, Utopia Acres, $0.

Bullock, Tonya M. and Day, Tonya M. to Davis Tree Properties LLC, Lot, County & 1988 Fleetwood Mobile Home, $38,000.

Langley Builders Inc. to Wakefield, Tiffney M. and Harris, Gregory Vasanski, Lt. 48, Ammonwood Sub., $215,900.

Leedy, Brian S. to Geer, Gary Alden, Lt. 109 Greenwood Plant Sub., $60,000.

Smith, Deborah D. to Smith, Deborah D. and Smith, Gregory M., Lt. 25, Sec. 3, Avondale Sub.

End Poverty Now Inc. to Mannino, Joseph, Lot 14, Verde Court, Stoney Point, $500.

Davis, Heather M. and Davis, Heather A. to Smith, Robin Erica, Lot 23, Northfall Acres Sub., $128,000.

Pitts, Tom R. and Pitts, Rosemary Lynn to Yeldell, Dellis, Lot, Sproles Ave., $7,000.

Trio Greenwood LLC to JR Capital LLC, Lot City, $309,500.

Harrison, Stephanie A. to Reno, Melvin G. III, Lot 31, Rock Creek Sub, $132,000.

First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation to TM Management & Sales LLC and TM Management And Sales LLC, Tract 15, Breeze Hill Sub & Redman 2003 Manufactured Home, $64,200.

McCutcheon, Paula K. and Clark, Paula M. to McCutcheon, Charles H., Lot, County.

Calloway, Tom to Dougherty, Lynne C., Parcels County.

Sweat, John C. and Sweat, Francine K. to Fifelski, Mckenzie L., Parcel, #2 Pine Drive, $178,000.

Laforge, James M. to Laforge, Ruth K., Tract 4, Windsor Road.

Thompson, Gaynell Estate and Gaynell Thompson Estate and Thompson, Grady E. Per Rep to Martin, Cherie G., Lt. 63, Augusta Fields, Sec. 2, $120,000.

Christiansen, Karen S. to Brown, Wendi Dawn and Smith, Justin Arthur, Lt. D, County.

Weaver, Valerie S. to Gomes, De Araujo Carolyn Gail and De Arajuo, Carolyn Gail Gomes and Diak, Kathy Diane, Lot 317, Greenwood Plant Sub, $112,000.

Special Referee and Scott, Richard and Scott, Ashley to Lewis, Charles L. and Lewis, Tresla A., Lot 17, Virgin Heights Sub.

Fuller, Angela to SC Property Management LLC, Lt. 88, Terra Villa Sub., $500.

SC Property Buyers LLC to Martinez, Jennifer Geraldin, Lts. 8 & 9 Weldon Ave.

Hulin, Jeffrey L. to Dendy, Brandon R., Lt. 10, Edgemere Sub, $179,000.

Thompson, David John By AIF and Mc Cravy, J. R. IV AIF and Mccravy J. R. IV AIF to Amyx, Devlin L. Jr., Lot 96, Harris Plant Sub, $88,000.

Burdette & Harvin Properties LLC and Burdette And Harvin Properties LLC to Parker, Nicholas W. and Parker, Catherine Hyatt, Lt. 17, Brightwater Bay Sub., Ph. II, $17,000.

Walters, Larry D. and Walters, Stephanie H. to Shaffer, Stephen Ray, Lot Number Five (5), Waterford Bay Sub, $85,000.

Bartley, Norris M. and Bartley, Cindy P. to Miller, Robert J. and Miller, Melinda H., Lot 2, Broken Ridge Sub., Ph. I, $198,000.

Trifera LLC to Morrow, Jessica Gail, Lt. 7, Colonial Heights Sub., $94,500.

Baskin, Elaine Trustee and South Waccamaw Trust and Baskin, Elaine to Equity Trust Company Custodian FBO and Hutchinson, Erin Ira and Erin, Hutchinson Ira, Lot 66, Ph. 1, Section II, Stoney Point Sub., $10,000.

Sandberg, Doris D. to Towns, Anthony L. and Towns, Edith S., Parcel County, $254,500.

Towns, Anthony L. and Towns, Edith S. to Towns, Anthony L. and Towns, Edith S. and Towns, Andrew King, Parcel County.

Hodges, Jason D. to Hodges, Jason D. Trustee and Hodges, Jason D. Revocable Trust and Jason D. Hodges Revocable Trust, Lt. 13, Sec. C, Hunter’s Creek Plantation Sub., $15.