Daniel, Harper B. and Daniel, Nancy C. to Daniel, David Harper, Tracts Cokesbury.

Lowery, Beverly Daniel and Danie, l David Harper and Daniel, David H. and Lowery, Beverly D. to Calvert, Dianne Daniel, Parcels Cokesbury.

Sellew, Deborah Per Rep and Duffie, Valerie P. Estate By Per Rep to Maddox, Helga, Lot 1, Sec. A, Avalon Townhouses Ph. I-B, $89,900.

Bell, Vickie E. and Leopard, Kathy W. to White, John C. Jr., Unit A, Melody Lane.

Whitt, Judy and Whitt, Judy A. and Whitt, Judy E. and Whitt, Judy Evans to Whitt, Dennis R., Lt. 36, Eighteen Queens Court & Lt. 414, Sec. 2, Mathews Plant Sub.

Brooks, Robert to Brooks, Robert D. Trustee and Brooks, Diana Trustee and Brooks, Robert Family Trust and Robert Brooks Family Trust and Brooks, Diana Family Trust and Diana Brooks Family Trust, Lot 99, Wisewood Sub.

Keadle, Alice Adams to Bearcat Properties LLC, Parcel 0.648A City, $35,000.

Giammattei, Albert Jr. to Giammattei, Albert III and Giammattei, Teresa A., Lt. 36, Avondale Sub., Sec. 2.

Cade, Guilford W. III and Cade, Virginia A. to Thomas, Lester C., Parcel A County, $2,388.

Thomas, Lester C. to Cade, Guilford W. III and Cade, Virginia A., Parcel B County, $4,200.

Pepperd, Lindsay Ann Per Rep and Pepperd, Joshua Michael Estate By Per Rep to Jordan, Byron L. and Jordan, Sodsai, Lot 29, Charleston Place, Phase One, Section One, $310,900.

Clark, Mary Katherine and Clark, Holmes Mary Katherine and Holmes, Mary Katherine Clark to Wright, Fred M., Lt. 18, Abner Acres Sub., $93,000.

McClure, Diane Fisher and Fisher, Diane Ellen and Mc Clure, Diane Fisher to Epps, Harold Jackson Jr. and Epps, David M., Lt. 14, Ph. I, Champion Green, Stoney Point Sub., $175,000.

Garcia, Jose R. and Garcia, Ada I. and Garcia, Jose R. to JA LLC, Lt. 486, Sec. 2, Mathews Plant Sub., $0.

Davis, Linda Spearman to Davis, Russell and Davis, Ross, Lt. 69, Woodfield Sub.

Phillips, Eddie Mae T. to Yeldell, George W., Lts. 1,2 & 3 County.

Bailey, Donal AIF and Bailey, Marlene Courtney By AIF and Bailey, Donal to Carrol, Carlos L. and Griffin, Crystal S., Lt. 17, Colonial Heights, $88,900.

Quarles, Jennifer Elizabeth and Quarles, Anthony Kyle to Scott, Fredrick Jamar and Williams, Scott Brittany S. and Scott, Brittany S, Williams, Lot 85. Auguta Fields Sub., $115,000.

Perkins, Raymond and Perkins, Raymond Sr. to Morton, Brandy M., Lt. 26, Aspen Heights Sub., $164,800.

Rempe, Thomas H. Revocable Living Trust and Rempe, Gloria J. Revocable Living Trust and Rempe, Thomas H. Trustee and Rempe, Gloria J. Trustee and Gloria J. Rempe Revocable Living Trust and Thomas H. Rempe Revocable Living Trust to Crochen, Ella D., Lot 42, Wellington Green Sub., $172,900.

Greenwood Family Practice Inc. to BTG Town Properties LLC, Parcel City, $105,000.

Allen, James R. to Cockrell, Adrian J. and Cockrell, Sonya S., Tract D, 7.528A County, $24,700.

Fincham, Jack E. and Fincham, Melinda Kae to Cunningham, Jason John and Cunningham, Jamie Hayes and Hayes, Catherine S., Lt. 364, Ph. VII, Grand Harbor Sub., $479,250.

Arnold, Bernice to Woodbury, G. Lloyd Jr. and Woodbury, Kathy S., Lt. 39, Phase I, Pucketts Ferry, $489,900.

R. T. Bailey Construction Inc. to Moore, Ryan C. and Moore, Tekola C., Lt. 88, Milford Pines, $240,352.

Brown, Brian James to Brown, Amanda W., Lot 4, Lakewood Heights, $155,000.

Montgomery, Leon D. and Montgomery, L. to Debessonet, Clayton Anthony, Parcel Town Of Ninety Six, $89,000.

Miner, Barry S. and Miner, Janice to Porch Swing Cottages LLC, Lts 44,45,46,47,48,49,51,52,53,54,55,56,63,64,65,66,67, And 68, Wheatfield Sub., $680,000.

Miner, Barry S and Miner, Janice to Porch Swing Cottages LLC, Lot 84, Wheatfield Sub., $5,000.

Berry, Lisa to Bice, Wendy and Belt, Sandy and McDowel, Joel M. and Mc Dowel, Joel M., Parcel Town Of Ninety Six.

Bourne, Judy D. and Duff, Richard F. to Witt, James H. and Witt, Wanda M. and Witt, Adam M., Lot 3, County, $130,000.

Hanlin, Robert J. and Hanlin, Mona J. to Quarles, Anthony Kyle and Quarles, Jennifer, Lot 5, County, $230,000.

Brock, Carol Renea to Whip Poor Will SC LLC, Lot 13, Linwood Estates Sub., $66,000.

Moore, Amelia Ellesor and Hollingsworth, Amelia Ellesor Moore and Moore, Gray Beattie and Boland, Ruth Elizabeth Moore and Connie Maxwell Childrens Home and Wesley Commons and Salvation Army The and Moore, Gray B. to Windsor Farm LLC, Tract County, $605,000.

Moore, Amelia Ellesor and Holingsworth, Amelia Ellesor Moore and Moore, Gray Beattie and Boland, Ruth Elizabeth Moore and Connie Maxwell Childrens Home and Wesley Commons and Salvation Army The and Moore, Gray B. to Windsor Pond Estates LLC, Tract County, $400,000.

Rhodes Johnny E. to Rhodes, Myra B., Lot 72, Northfall Acres Sub.

Secretary Of Veterans Affairs The to McCool, Chris and Mc Cool, Chris, Lt. 286, Ninety Six Plant Sub., $34,700.

Pearce, Dennis and Pearce, Cheryl to Kirkpatrick, Judith Newland, Lot 25, Ph. I, Newport Sub., $94,000.

Aiken, Lashunda to Williams, Chantelle R., Tract County, $110,000.

Creswell, James O. Jr. to Creswell, Nancy M. and Haynes, Amy and Haynes, James W., Lt 2, County.

Duplin, Michael J. and Duplin, Micheal to Duplin, Michael J. and Gambardella, Diane L., Lt. 20, Miners Bridge.

Hodges, Harley W. to Alvarez, Angie Monserrad, Tract A, County, $15,000.

Daniel, David Harper and Daniel, David H. to Smith, Courtney, Tract County.

Simpkins, Lataynia M. to Drennon, Pearl R., Lot 169, Country Homes Sub., No. 2, $76,500.

Palmetto Crossings Construction LLC to Trammell, Cynthia K., Lot 9, Planters Row At Palmetto Crossing, Ph. I, $30,000.

Palmetto Crossing Construction LLC to Giffin, William T. and Giffin, Thomas H., Lot 108, Cottages At Palmetto Crossing, $239,500.

Powell, John E. to Abdelwahab, Wendy M., Lt. 17, Pucketts Ferry Sub., Ph. I.

Abdelwahab, Wendy M. and Powell, Maxie K. By AIF and Powell, John E. II and Powell, Jasper A. and Powell, E. John II. to Abdelwahab, Wendy M. and Abdelwahab, Khaled, Lt. 17, Pucketts Ferry Sub. Ph. I.

Smith, Terry J. to Smith, Terry Britt, Tract 3, Bold Spring Plantation, $0.

Chrisley, Herbert Venoy and Burch, Lisa and Chrisley, Tracy to Chrisley, Thomas Darrell and Chrisley, Gail Elizabeth Hollingsworth, Lt. E, County, $45,000.

Gemberling, Cynthia L. and Gemberling, Scott D. and Gemberling, Tess to Gemberling, Cynthia L. and Gemberling, Tess, Parcel 6.00A County.

Gibert, Terry M. and Gibert, Carolyn H. to Deale Family Holdings LLC, Lt, 85, Brightwater Bay Sub., Ph. I, $5,000.

Gaston, Frances L. and Gaston, April M. and Gaston, Edward L. to Torres, Angel Manuel, Lt 3-A County, $0.

Lasalle, Raphael J. and Lasalle, Ileana F. to RWG Holdings LLC, Lt. 128, Grand Harbor, Ph. II, $0.

Kemp, James H. Jr. and Kemp, Beverly S. to White, Patrick Sean and White, Traci K., Unit 4-C, Fox Hollow, $32,000.

White, Patrick Sean and White, Traci K to White, Patrick Sean Trustee and Matthew White Residential Trust and White, Matthew Residential Trust, Unit 4-C, Fox Hollow, $0.

Jarrett, Vernon L. Estate By Per Rep and Jarrett, William Lester Estate Per Rep and Jarrett, William Marvin Per Rep to Wallace, Michalanne Doby and Wallace, Rustin Wyatt William, Lt. Edgemere Sub., $92,000.

Azamar, Erika to Fercano, Antonio Adalberto and Antonio, Adalberto Fercano, Lt, Taggart Street.