Dowtin, James D. Jr. to Torano, James F. and Day, Jane F., Lt. 6, Bl. 2, Town Of Troy, $5,900.

Mooney, Gary E. to Ridgeway, Jack C., Lot 43, Woodfields Sub., $75,000.

Deal, Lena R. to Hall, Emily Justine and Hall Douglas Lee, Parcel County.

Brock, Roger AIF and Brock, Doris June Trustee By AIF and Brock, Doris June Revocable Trust By AIF and Doris June Brock Revocable Trust By AIF and Brock, William C. Revocable Trust By AIF and William C. Brock Revocable Trust By AIF to Brown, Douglas A. and Brown, Clara S., Lot 416, Sec. 2, Mathews Plant Sub., $53,500.

Bailey, Charlene N. to South Carolina Department Of Transportation, Parcel County.

Evert, William and Evert, Terry and Evert, William H. to South Carolina Department Of Transportation, Parcel County.

Wheeler, Phillip L. to Wheeler, John William and Wheeler, Heather Moton, Parcel Pheasant Road.

Blyth Funeral Home Corporation and Blyth Funeral Home Corp. to Ste Le Way LLC and Ste Le Way LLC, Parcel US Highway 25 North.

Keck, Bert Marion to Keck, Eldora, Lt. 47, Spring Valley Sec. A.

Secretary Of Housing And Urban Development to McIntosh, Christopher L. and McIntosh, Aimee P. and McIntosh, Christopher L. and McIntosh, Aimee P., Lt. 2, County.

Oliver, John Jr. and Oliver, Alonzo and Buckley, Erica O. and Oliver, Jason and Oliver, Charles D. and Buckley, E. and Oliver, Charles to Gunner, Barbara, Lot, University Street South, $10.

Archie, Colleen and McGowan, Colleen and Mc Gowan, Colleen to Greenberg, Lawrence A., Lot 27, C. W. Garrett Sub., $167,000.

Burton, Keith Thomas and Burton, Steven H. to Burton Company LLC The, Parcels County.

Moore, Ryan Christopher and Moore, Tekola Clarissa to Mosley, Heather T., Lot C-24, Stonewood Sub. Ph. II, $271,150.

Cobb, Thomas R. and Cobb, Kathryn L. to Kerr, Keely D., Tract Old Shoals Junction Road, $12,000.

Jones, Claudie D. and Jones, Claudie Dale to Jones, Lynn M., Lt. 155, Ninety Six Plant Sub.

Jones, Lynn M. and Holson, Marlene and Raines, Jennifer D. and Gantt, Jennifer Jones to Gantt, Jennifer Jones and Raines, Taylor and Raines, Chandler Allen, Lt. 155, Ninety Six Plant Sub.

Jordan, Connie Timmerman to Jordan, Charles C., Parcel 2.77A, Callison Road.

Salerno, Louis and Salerno Ashley and Salerno, A. to Calhoun, Benjamin N., Lot 70, Idlewood Sub., $165,000.

Sykes, Valerie Anne and Beesley, Valerie A. to Sykes, Valerie Anne and Sykes, David Gerald, Lot. 205, Sec. III, Wellington Green Sub., $0.

Durham, Lynda D. and Davis, Heyward S. to Mabrey, Joseph Mark, Parcel County, $18,000.

Chapman, Jacob H. and Chapman, Kimberly M. to Davis, Robert S. and Davis, Melanie A., Parcels, Sagewood Road, $133,000.

Burnette, R. Russell to Giammattei, Albert Jr., Lt. 36, Avondale Sub., Sec. 2, $124,500.

Swain, Reginald V. to Garcia, Kelly Ann and Leticia, Miranda Martha and Miranda, Martha Leticia, Parcels County, $152,400.

Calhoun, Bradford L. to Calhoun, Phillip and Calhoun, Betty, Parcels County.

Blankenship, Patricia J. and Snipes, Christine K. to Burton Builders LLC, Lt. 20, Ammonwood Sub., $150,000.

Special Referee and Owens, Jasper R. and Owens, Sandra M. and Owens, Sandi M. to Wells Fargo Bank National Association Trustee, Tract County, 2019-CP-24-00108.

Adams, Michael S. to Weeks, Guerin Casey R. and Guerin, Casey R. Weeks and Guerin, Scott P., Parcels, Star Fort Estates, $570,000.

Griffin, Samuel Robert and Griffin, Crystal Judy to Griffin, Valerie, Lt. 1, Calvary Trail, Sec. II, $7,000.

Whetsel, Thomas and Whetsel, Christine to RT Bailey Construction Inc., Lot 6, Ph. I, Sec. II, Stoney Point Sub.

Snead, John Robert to Timms, Broadus F., Parcel 16.57A, Emerson Street, $75,000.

Agnew, Charles Eugene to Coleman, Marian A. and Agnew, Charlene T. and Gray, Pamela, Lot 110, East End Heights.

Bassett, Robert Moorman By AIF and Warner, Barbara J. G. AIF to Swenson, Jason Earl, Lot 66, Greenwood Plant Sub., $71,300.

Henderson, Charles E. Jr. to Henderson, Carson M., Lot A-1, SC Highway 72 & 221.

Byrd, Harry Edwards to Byrd, Michael and Summer, Harriett B. and Baines, Laurie B. and Simpson, Michelle B., Lot 267, Sec. 1, Mathews Plant.

Hanley, Lila G. to Culbreath, Sonya and Hanley, Tate and Hanley, Alicia and Hadd, Cathy, Lots County.

Hanley, Lila G. to Moore, Sally B., Buildings Nos. 4, 5 & 6, Carriage Apartments, Ph. II.

Hanley, Lila G. to Boatwright, Sarah H. and Boatwright, Robert Lee, Lt. 27, Timberlake Sub.

Depree, Austin Michael and Depree, Hannah Blair and De Pree, Austin Michael and De Pree,, Hannah Blair and Depree, Austin and De Pree, Austin to Deist, James H. and Deist, Catherine H., Lots 9-A And 8 of Kensingston Sub., $228,000.

Tolbert, Irene J. and Tolbert, Jeanette H. and Tolbert, Luke W. By AIF and Tolbert, Samuel H. and Tolbert. Margo W. By AIF and Tolbert, Allison K. By AIF and Tolbert, Samuel H. AIF to Milford Pines Development LLC, Parcel 14.30A, Phase Three, Milford Pines, $150,890.

Benoit, Andy John Jr. and Benoit, Andy J. Jr. to Thomasson, Taylor and Thomasson, Robert Casey, Lt. 27, Auburn Place, $189,000.

Williams, Claudine C. to Moore, Douglas Boylston Jr. and Moore, Linda Legette, Lt. 108, Ph. I, Sec. III, Stoney Point Sub., $320,000.

Taylor, Jack Zachary to Dalton, Michael Edward, Lots 65 & 64, Druid Hills Sub., $111,867.

NRZ REO VI B LLC to Henderson Group LLC The, Lot 0.733A, Folly Farm Road, $40,000.

Fleming, Timothy L. and Davis, David B. and Davis, Donna M. to Fleming, Clarence L. and Canupp, Fallon K., Lot, Mulberry Street.

Fleming, Clarence L. to Fleming, Clarence L. and Fleming, Timothy L., Lts. 11, 12, 19 & 20, Block B, Hollywood Sub.

Winterseat Trust LLC to Adams Limited Partnership, Lot, County, $70,000.

Dorsey, Shawn M. to Burton, Calvin and Burton, Doris E., Lt. 16, Hartzog Acres, $122,500.

Pan, Lishan to Pan, Lishan and Zhang, Ying, Lts. E-1 & E-2, Gatewood Sub, $0.

De Leon, Fernando Farelas and Farelas, De Leon Fernando and Leon, Fernando Farelas De to Urbina, Flores Olmar Odail and Flores, Olmar, Odail Urbina and Salvidar, Ivonne Areli and Areli, Salvidar Ivonne, Lt. 3, Young Street, $25,000.

Jha, Salil K. and Jha, Anjana to Dywan, Duke A., Lt. 186, Wellington Green Sub. Sec. III, $188,000.

Pescatore, Joy K. to Morrow, Nancy Lindsey, Lot 18, Woodbury Place Sub., $172,000.

Herndon, Elizabeth C. Estate and Herndon, Laura Per Rep and Brooks, Lynn Herndon Per Rep to Stortz, Amber and Stortz, Rhett M., Lots 33 & 34, Sheffield Sub., $205,000.

Sequoia, Jacqueline P. to Kirksey West LLC, Tract 8.138A, Scotts Ferry Road, $24,000.

Taylor, Brandon C. and Taylor, Margaret G. to Taylor, Brandon C. and Taylor, Margaret G., Lot 176, Belle Meade Sub.

Dywan, Duke A. to Sgroi, Salvatore L. and Sandberg, Denise M., Parcels County, $354,000.

Witt, Wanda M. to Wallace, Michael Jon, Lt. 116, Druid Hills Sub., $135,000.

Thomas, James Michael to Self, Furman C. and Self, Kay K., Lt. or Tract D, Lake Greenwood, $320,000.

Thomas, James Michael to Self, Furman C. and Self, Kay K., Tract 6.395A, Spray Shed Road & Lake Greenwood.

Federal National Mortgage Association and Fannie Mae to Wheland, Teresa M. and Wheland, Mark A., Parcel County.