Simons, Jamie C. and Simons, David W. to Montgomery, Leon D., Tract 1, Cambridge Section, $169,500.

Bailey, William Tandy to Bailey, Betty J., Lot 70, C. L .Wells Sub., #2.

Bailey, Betty J. to Bailey, Aaron, Lot 70, C. L. Wells Sub., #2.

Jacobsen, Mark W. and Jacobsen, Edna M. and Jacobsen, E. and Jacobsen, M. to Jacobsen, Mark W. Trustee and Jacobsen, Edna M. Trustee and Mark William Jacobsen Revocable Trust and Edna Marie Jacobsen Revocable Trust and Jacobsen, Mark William Revocable Trust and Jacobsen, Edna Marie Revocable Trust and Jacobsen, M. and Jacobsen, E., Lot 5, County.

Hansen, Christian T. and Stewart, Sylvia J. and Hansen, Sylvia J. to Cole, Patricia, Lot Or Unit 24, Hampton Trace Townhouses, $89,000.

Post, M. David and Pos,t Kay D. to Post, M. David Trustee and Post, Kay D. Trustee and Post, M. David Revocable Trust and David M. Post Revocable Trust and Post, Kay D. Revocable Trust and Kay D. Post Revocable Trust, Lot 65, Lodge Grounds.

Henderson, Grover C. III to Olsen, Norma J., Lot 7-B, Autumn Trace, $103,900.

Fain, Woodrow E. and Fain, W. E. to Fain, Cory, Tract , County.

Linsalata ,Francesco F. to Hutto, Nicoletta L., Lot City, $0.

Partlow, Elsie N. By AIF and Posley, Annie L. and Posley, Keba J. and Posley, Annie L. AIF to Partlow, Elsie N., Lot 2A, County And Easement With Interest In Well, $0.

Creswell, Ruby Rush to Creswell, Oliver C. and Creswell, Craig, Parcel County.

Erskine, Haley B. to Walpole, Robert and Campbell, Amanda, Lts. 5-A & 5-B-1, Miller Rd., $86,000.

Blohm, Michael K. and Blohm, Kyslee A. to Womack, David Wright and Burgess, Sarah N., Lot County, $184,000.

Burdette & Harvin Properties LLC and Burdette And Harvin Properties LLC to CMC Homes Inc., Lt. 32, Brightwater Bay Sub., Ph. II, $19,500.

Bankers Healthcare Group LLC to Nayudu, Srinivas, Tracts City, $45,100.

Patrick, Elizabeth J. to Lawrence, Benjamin Mckellar, Lot 9, Sunset Drive Sub., $62,000.

Carter, Anthony D. Sr. and Carter, Shantelle T. to Blohm, Kyslee Christin and Blohm, Michael Kevin, Lt. 88, Ph. I, Centre Court Sub., $251,000.

Russell, Josette R. to Shultz, Robert Alan and Shultz, Judy Ann, Lt. 48, Grand Habour, Ph. I, $500,000.

Little Tree LLC to Williams, Alice A. and Williams, D. Glenn, Lot Intersection Of Grace Street And Reynolds Ave, $27,500.

Reeder, Derek M. and Reeder, Ellyn E. to SC Property Management LLC, Lot 6, Sunny Dale Sub.

Proffitt, Jack Steven and Proffitt, Michael Earl and Proffitt, Nancy Marie and Dorn, Faith Elizabeth to Proffitt, Tommie Bruce, Lot 119, Harris Plant Sub., $94,400.

Wilson Investment Properties LLC and Wilson, Michelle to Carson, Rosemary P., Lot Or Unit, 144, Phase II, Devon Park, $207,575.

Broadwater, Thomas Jr. to Broadwater, Kobe Jordan, Lot 237, Belle Meade Sub.

Vines, C. Conway to Waters, Brandon Gage and Waters, Jacqueline S., Lt 37, Pinehurst Sub., $106,000.

Townsend, Jeffrey H. and Townsend, Lucy E. to Quarles, Donald L. and Quarles, Lakeisha L., Lt. 115, Augusta Fields, Sec. 2, $155,000.

Burton, Thomas I. to Burton, Thomas I. and Busbee, Ivey Layne, Lot 21. Sheffield Sub., $0.

Smith, June F. to Burkett, Jennifer Lynn, Lot 123, Pine Hill Sub., $0.

Bedenbaugh, Everett E. and Bedenbaugh, Joyce P. and Bedenbaugh, E. E. to Chihta LLC, Condominiums/Apartment, G-3 Hillcrest Condominiums, $27,500.

Thompson, Tony E. to Thompson, Tanner, Parcel County.

Warner Acres LLC and Warner, Max L. and Warner, Max Lee to Warner, Max Lee, Parcels County.

Alexander, Angel D. to Clement, Jeffrey and Clement, Barbara, Lt. 23-A, Fawnbrook Sub., $189,900.

Cunningham, Carol to Cunningham, Otis, Lt. North Ave,.Decker Wilda Ellen Mcintosh and Decker Wilda Ellen Mc Intosh to Mcculloch Madeline Louise Decker and Decker Wilda Ellen Mcintosh and Mc Culloch Madeline Louise Decker and Decker Wilda Ellen Mc Intosh, Lot 63 Forest Lake Sub,

Berry, Michael to Berry, Michael and Berry, Cynthia Ann, Lot 49, Auburn Place, $0.

Hilliard, Melissa Claire Walker to Walker, Ryan Patrick, Parcel, Lakeshore Drive.

Gardner, William L. and Gardner, William to Gardner,William L. and Gardner, Margret Lee, Parcels County.

Gardner, William L. and Gardner, William to Gardner, William L. and Gardner, Margret Lee, Parcel County.

Southern Homes & Property Development LLC and Southern Homes And Property Developement LLC to Sullivan, Edward J., Lt. C-1, County, $21,000.

Sutherlin, William Lee to Townsend Property MGT LLC, Parcels County, $150,000.

Sylvester, Nantambu Damani Jr. to Sprowl, Robert, Parcel 2D, Maxwell Ave.

Talbert, Reginald to Jones, James Albert Jr., Lot, Little Mountain Road, $0.

Lee Donese Marie and Moore, Carol Lynn C. and Martin, Carol Lynn and Pulley, Dorothy Jean C. to Metts, Thomas Henry II, Parcel US Highway 25 South, $32,000.

Howard, Jeremy to Howard, Jeremy and Howard, Olivia Michelle, Lt. 6, Hicks Sub.

Gibert, Irvin L. and Gibert, Irvin C. to Gibert, Mary Lou and Cook, Brenda Lee and Gibert, Irvin L., Parcel County.

Gibert, Irvin L. and Gibert, Mary L. to Gibert,Irvin Caston and Gibert, Irvin L. and Gibert, Mary L., Tract One 51.17A, Hwy 34, $0.

Rembisz, Oleda to Holsonback, Harold G. and Holsonback, Teresa Q., Lot 6, Sec. U, Hunters Creek Plantation Sub., $195,900.

Elson, Ralph F. Sr. to Willey, Jesse, Tract C-1, County, $153,000.

Poat, Anthony Robert to Poat, Anthony Robert and Poat, Carol Hill, Lts. 9 & 10, French Village At Stoney Point.

Hanft, Jeffrey J. and Hanft, Diane M. to Hanft, Diane M. Trustee and Hanft, Diane M. Revocable Trust and Diane M. Hanft Revocable Trust, Lts. 27 & 27-A, Ph. I, Newport Sub.

Cannon, Valerie F. and Fennell, Valerie F. and Fennell, Elijah Jr. to Stevens,Chacovia S., Lt. 11, Sec. III, Avondale Sub., $100,000.