Paysinger, Tina F. and Uldrick, Tina to Uldrick, Tina and Brewer, Matthew, Lt. 2, Bl. F. Avalon Sub.

Daniel, David Harper and Daniel, David H. to Daniel, David Harper and Daniel, Carrie H., Tracts Cokesbury.

Rawson, Glen A. and Rawson, Kathey I. and Rawson, Kathey to Aydelotte, Richard and Aydelotte, Melinda Shannon Ray, Parcel County, $240,000.

Lannen, Eric B. By AIF and Lannen, Elisa H. AIF and Lannen, Elisa H. to CMH Homes Inc., Tract, Grubling Road East, $61,000.

Munns, Carolyn F. and Randall, Carolyn F. to Munns, Carolyn F., Lt. 5, Rosemont Sub.

Wells, Stephanie English to Turner, Jeanne M., Lot 121, Belle Meade Sub. & Small Strip.

Thomas, Curtis Sr. and Thomas, Geneva and Thomas, Curtis to Leon, Raquel and Lopez, Jose C., Lot 3, Creswell Avenue West, $55,000.

Duncan, Larry G. and Duncan, Elizabeth to Bessinger, Deborah J., Unit 101-G, Lake Shore Villas, $100,000.

Mcgee, Ann R. Per Rep and Deloach, Vida Mae Estate By Per Rep and Mc Gee, Ann R. Per Rep to Williams, Shawn P., Lt. 176, Mathews Plant Sub., $57,000.

Boatwright, Tina G. and Hudson, Karen G. to Boatwright, Tina G. Trustee and Hudson, Karen G. Trustee and Boatwright,. Caleb R. Residential Trust and Caleb R. Boatwright Residential Trust, Parcels County.

Boatwright, Tina G. and Hudson, Karen G. to Boatwright, Tina G. Trustee and Hudson, Karen G. Trustee and Bruce R. Hudson Residential Trust and Hudson, Bruce R. Residental Trust, Lts. 20 & 22, Bl. C, Blakedale.

Williams, Kenneth Boyd to Williams, Sue H., Lots 13 & 14, Block 2 And Lot 15, Block 1, Unit 4, Greenwood Shores.

Devriendt, Melissa A. to Devriendt, Melissa A. and Devriendt, Brent D., Lot 6, Verdae Court, Stoney Point.

Yeldell, George W. to Austin, Jeanette P. and Austin, Pamela T., Lts. 1,2 & 3, County.

Gilchrist, Mary A. to Lukie, Shuntay T. and Searles, Clarence Brazil and Gilchrist, Mary A., Lt. 3, New Market Park Sub.

Mccurry, Terry D. and Mc Curry, Terry D. to Gutierrez, Rodrigo, Lt. 20, Greene Street, $19,000.

Salgado, Gary to Salgado, Vasti Jeanette and Salgado, Gary, Lt. 24, Sec. 1, Mathews Plant Sub.

Bowen, Heidi F. Per Rep and Bryan, Mark Christopher Estate By Per Rep to 3519 Highway 25 S. LLC, Lt A, U.S. Highway 25, $17,000.

Sumner, Grayson T. and Sumner, Anna Wade to Bearden, James C. and Bearden, Amber Gunter, Lot 79, Druid Hills Sub., $199,900.

Beggs, Jeanette Cook to Beggs, Richard Earl and Beggs, Donald Lee and Beggs, Robin Franklin, Lot, Oak Street.

Damore, Mallory P. and D Amore, Mallory P. and Damore, Mallory Paige and D Amore, Mallory Paige to Damore, Mallory Paige Trustee and D Amore, Mallory Paige Trustee and Damore, Mallory Paige Revocable Trust and D Amore, Mallory Paige Revocable Trust and Mallory Paige Damore Revocable Trust and Mallory Paige D, Amore Revocable Trust, Lot 11, C Y Thomason Sub. & Lots 4 And 5, B.l A, Milford Manor Sub. Ph. I.

Special Referee and Scardace, Michael to Nantasket Investments LLC and Boone, Lynn P., Lts. D-70 & D-70-A, Stonewood Sub. 2018-CP-24-01142, $129,012.

Harris, Judith T. to Harris, Judith T. and Harris, James Darrin, Lot. 72, Hyde Park Sub, $0.

Gaines, Stan R. and Gaines, Shirley B. to Stevenson, Mark B. and Stevenson, Michelle C., Lot 29, Reedy Cove II, Stoney Point Sub., $6,500.

Lensch, Jeffrey P. By AIF and Lensch, Jason P. AIF to Aaron, Anthony Pierre and Salley, Sheleen Y., Lot 9, The Village At Midtown, $113,000.

Richardson, Luther Allen to Richardson, William C. and Richardson, Jessie D., Lot 2, Cokesbury Hills Sub.

Nguyen, William T. and Nguyen, Melissa D. to Miner, Barry, Lt. 22, Wheatfield Sub., $25,000.

Woodlawn Farms Inc. and Town & Country Real Estate Inc. and Town And Country Of Greenwood Inc. to Gatewood Property Owners Association Inc., Parcels County.

Woodlawn Farms Inc. and Town & Country Real Estate Inc. and Town And Country Of Greenwood Inc. to Gatewood Property Owners Association Inc., Parcels County, $0.

Montgomery Rental Properties LLP and Montgomery Rental Properties LLC to Manning, Casey, Parcels Hazelwood Condominiums And Easement, $590,000.

Polatty, Danny R. Jr. to Polatty, Danny R. Jr. and Polatty, Alice B., Parcels County.

Williamson, Brandon M. and Williamson, Deidre F. to Miller, Diane M., Lot 57, Bl. E, Westover Sub., $184,000.

Manley, Alec and Manley, Tobias Alec Trustee and Manley Family Trust The to Holmes, Joshua B. and Holmes, Casey O., Lts. 1-C & 2, Friendfield Lane, $95,000.

Ashley, Avery Dean to Ashley, Betty P., Parcels County.

Abell, Erwin Marshall and Abell, Kristine K. to Abell, Erwin Marshall and Abell, Kristine K., Lt. 5, Sec. A ,Hunter's Creek Plantation Sub.

Bailey, Robert T. to Cole, John Sherman IV and Cole, Margaret B., Lt. 51, Summer Pointe, $660,000.

Palmetto Resources LLC to R. T. Bailey Construction Inc., Lot 27, Maxwell Springs, $40,000.

Brock, Edith M. to Salcido, Marcos Romo and Salcido, Jose Romo, Lots, Woodlawn Road, $40,000.

JP Estate LLC and Park, James to Shree, Ganesh Properties 4 LLC, Lots, County, $422,500.

Byrnes, Steven Michael and Conselina, Byrnes Deborah and Byrnes, Deborah Conselina to Spach, Brenda Lee, Lt. 7, Stonewood Sub., Ph. I, $325,000.

Jones, Jo H. Per Rep and Vancise, Margaret B. Estate and Jones, Margaret Blackburn Estate and Jones, Margaret B. Estate to Clark, Paula M., Lot 326, Sec. 1, Mathews Plant Sub., $24,000.

Anderson, James Perrin Jr. to Anderson, Margaret Y., Tract 6A, County.

Phillips, Melissa and Griffith, Bruce and Griffith, Bruce V. to Phillips, Melissa and Griffith, Brandon Shane, Eastern One Half Lot Number Twenty-Two (22) Block A, County.

Smith, Calyn S. to Smith, Calyn S. and Smith, Larry, Parcels Town Of Troy.

Velappan, Priya and Kumar, Priya V. to Kumar, Priya V. Trustee and Kumar, Priya V. Revocable Trust and Priya V. Kumar Revocable Trust, Lt. D-77, Gatewood Sub.

Inman, Robert C. Jr. Trustee and Inman, Mary Jo Trustee and Spitfire Realty Trust The to Esterle, Frank Anthony, Lot 24, Stoney Point Sub., $8,800.

Marshall, Nancy Scurry Trustee and Marshall, Nancy Scurry Revocable Living Trust and Nancy Scurry Marshall Revocable Living Trust to Bearcat Properties LLC, Lot 0.599A, Grace Street, $95,000.

Anderson Gladys Jones and Spikes Courtney Anderson By Aif and Spikes James By Aif and Anderson Gladys Jones Aif to Adams Sanquanetta M, Parcel Promise Land Sec, $70,000.

Jones, Ellison C. to Swofford, Robert, Lot 19, Reedy Cove Sub., $358,000.

Manning, Peter J. Trustee and Pulliam, T. Edwin Trust and T. Edwin Pulliam Trust and Pulliam, Faye H. Trust and Faye H. Pulliam Trust and Montjoy, Lynn P. and Montjoy, Jeff and Pulliam, Edwina Marie and Pulliam, William Paul and Pulliam, Janet and Underwood, T. and Underwood, Thomas Christian and Taylor, Margaret Giles and Garcia, Teresa Pulliam and Mashburn, Erica and Mashburn, Erica Nicole to Pulliam, Edwina Marie, Parcel County.

Metts, William Cromer and Metts,W. C. to Bratcher, Wayne Lee, Lot,County.

Creswell, Nancy M. to Creswell, Nancy M. and Haynes, Amy M., Parcels, Northside Sub.

Uldrick, Amy L. to Uldrick, Amy L. and Uldrick, Kevin D., Tract C, Andrews Chapel Road.

Morris, Shyh Shiun to Morris, Shou Mei, Lot 30, City.

Morris, Jia Luen to Morris, Shou Mei, Lot 1, County.

Morris, Shou Mei to Morris, Shou Mei and Morris, Jia Luen and Morris, Shyh Shuin, Lot County.

Vieceli, Mark By AIF and Vieceli, Tracey A. and Vieceli, Tracey C. Aif to Taylor, Rallie E. and Taylor, Debra N., Lot 7, Irvin's Cove Sub., $325,000.

Workman, Julian and Workman, Hannah to Harrill, Antthoney S. and Harrill, Brittney D., Lot 3, Ellenwood Acres, $149,000.

Carter, Eddie E. to Greenwood County, Parcel 1.04A, Carter Road.

Leary, Julius L. and Beaudrot, Joseph L. and Forrest, Amy Y. and Carter, Steven P. and Leary, J. L. to Greenwood Ob Gyn Properties and Greenwood Obgyn Properties, Parcels County, $0.

Saubier, Eric to Trail, John E., Lot 28-M, Highland Forest Sub., $111,700.

Award Properties LLC to Crittendon, Samuel K., Lot 175, Ninety Six Plant Sub., $87,000.

Sandberg, Doris D. to Harris, George H., Tracts County, $427,500.

Timms, Doyle F. and Timms, Brenda L. to Phipps, Vivian Rose, Lot 222, Greenwood Plant Sub.

Lacoste, William E. to Lacoste, William E. Trustee and Lacoste, William E. Living Trust and William E. Lacoste Living Trust, Tract A, County.

Norman, Dorothy Mae Emery and Norman, Dorothy M. and Norman, Dorothy and Emery, Dorothy Mae and Norman, Quincy Eric and Callaham, Quandra Janeka to Gilliard, Horaceton F. and Gilliard, Yolanda D., Lt. 31, City, $26,500.

Carruth, Virginia Elaine By AIF and Carruth, Elaine By AIF and Carruth, Thomas Michael AIF to Carruth, Virginia Michele, Lt. 81, Greenwood Plant Sub., $50,000.

Finley, Dane E. Sr. to Lopez, Elvia Rosario Perez, Guzman and Guzman, Lopez Elvia Rosario Perez, Lt. 67, Ph. I, Centre Court, $3,200.

Adams, Marvin T. to Boggs, Sandra A. and Boggs, James A. Jr., Lt. 6, County.

Turner, Belinda Dorn and Thomas, Mildred Dorn to Torres, Oscar, Lot, Gilliam Street, $3,500.

C S Investments LLC and CS Investments LLC to Linette, Wesley E., Lot 7, City, $69,900.

Grand Harbor Club LLC to Chandler, Herbert J. and Chandler, Vickie H., Restrictive Covenant Membership Deed.

Grand Harbor Club LLC to Sigvertsen, Dean A. and Sigvertsen, Barri, Restrictive Covenant Membership Deed.

Grand Harbor Club LLC to Taylor, James Frederick and Taylor, Carolyn S., Restrictive Covenant Membership Deed.

Grand Harbor Club LLC to Schofield, David N. and Schofield, Dorothy H., Restrictive Covenant Membership Deed.

Grand Harbor Club LLC to Elgan, Eric E. and Elgan, Susan M., Restrictive Covenant Membership Deed.

Grand Harbor Club LLC to Mcgorty, John and Mcgorty, Lisa and Mc Gorty, John and Mc Gorty, Lisa, Restrictive Covenant Membership Deed.

Grand Harbor Club LLC to Criscuoli, Vincent A. and Criscuoli, Jill O., Restrictive Covenant Membership Deed.

Langford, Katherine C. By AIF and Bundrick, Harvey O. and Powell, Carol E. and Arnoti, Justine B. AIF and Bundrick, Thomas O. and Bundrick, Derrell V. and Arnoti, Justine B. to Mitchell, Lewis L., Lot 26, Meadowbrook Sub., $60,000.

Hodges, James W. III and Hodges, Amber and Hodges, Amber M. and Hodges, James to Graham, William David Jr. and Graham, Sallie Trotter, Parcel, Cedar Springs Road, $187,000.

R. T. Bailey Construction Inc. to Bridges, Dacicero, Lt. 86, Milford Pines, $228,008.

Haynes, Tracy L. and Haynes, Amy M. to Haynes, Tracy L. and Haynes, Amy M., Lt. 10, Green Acres Sub.