Greenwood Partners LLC to Bailey, Robert Todd and Ennis, Joseph L., Lot County, $74,750.

Ludgin Thompson LLC to McAvoy, Janet A. and McAvoy Janet A., Unit 7, Royal Oak Villas, $135,000.

Timmons, Jesse R. and Timmons, Jesse R. II and Timmons, Jesse to Allen, Tequila Marie, Lt. 107, Avondale Sub, $111,000.

Walton, Richard T. By AIF and Walton, Richard T. Jr. By AIF and Walton, Richard T. Walton III AIF and Boone, Kimberly W. AIF to Patterson, Chade Jermaine, Lt. 14, Logan Court, $119,000.

Boggs, Bradley B. and Boggs, Michelle L. to Davis, Matthew Blake, Lt. 21, Meadowbrook Sub & 1997 Fleetwood Mobile Home, $122,500.

Neal, Denise Y. to Usherwood, Ridley N. and Usherwood, Beverly S., Unit 11, Section U, Hunters Creek Plantation, $260,000.

Hughes, Paul W. and Hughes, Bonnie L. to Bailor, Stephen M. and Bailor, Mary L., Lt. 368, Ph. VII, Grand Harbor Sub, $370,000.

Lark, Colon A, Sr. Estate By Per Rep and Barrett, Susan Lark Per Rep and Sampson, Susan Lark By Per Rep to Coggan, Laura E., Lt. 4, La Port Sub, $114,000.

Aba Properties LLC to Mays, Andrequis T., Lt. 23, Crestview Sub, $140,000.

Ford, Brandon S. and Ford, Mary V. to Timmons, Michelle, Lt. 39, Jennings Heights Sub, $189,900.

Gaskin, Danajee to Norman, Ometere A. and Norman, Daubrey J. and Norman, D. Aubrey J., Lt. 26, Spring Lake Sub, $136,500.

Burdette & Harvin Properties LLC and Burdette And Harvin Properties LLC to Brown, Wanda L. and Brown, George M., Lt. 18, Brightwater Bay Sub. Ph. II, $13,750.

Desai, Beena to Goode, Lanina S., Lt. 216, Belle Meade Sub., $156,500.

Global Housing Investment And Trust Inc. to Spearman, Nicole L., Lt. No. 10 Town of Ninety Six, $92,000.

Milam, Jeff to Powers, Kevin Wayne, Lot SC Highway 76, $24,000.

Turner, Shirley B. to Bryant, Abria, Lt. 14, Belle Oaks Section 5.

Richards, Jennifer M. to Jeter, Cody E. and Jeter, Chelsi, Lot B, Lawton Street, $93,000.

Taylor, Clark A. to McElroy, Dusty D. and McElroy, Morgan L. and Mc Elroy, Dusty and Mc Elroy, Morgan L., Lt. I-1 Ponderosa Heights Sub.

Smith, Rudolph Lee III to Scott, Lourdes M. Palacios and Scott, Lourdes Marie P., Lt. 86, Locksley Hall Sub, $184,900.

Keithcash LLC to Johnson, Peggy A., Lt. 106, Section B, Woodfields Sub, $70,000.

West Congregation Of Jehovahs Witnesses Trustees and West Congregation Of Jehovahs Witnesses to Valley Farms Corp., Tract H-1 County.

Cheatham, Freddie L. and Cheatham, Yvonne to Cheatham, Freddie L. and Cheatham, Yvonne and Porter, Bridget Montrelle, Lt. 19, Magnolia Place Sub.

Moss, Mary G. to Moss, Rose M. and Moss, Robert L. and Moss, Thomas and Stewart, Katherine and Moss, Peggy and Moss, Charity S. and Moss, David and Chiles, Alphia M., Lt. Rock House Road.

Moss, Robert L. and Moss, Thomas and Stewart, Katherine and Moss, Peggy and Moss, Charity S. and Moss, David to Chiles, Alphia M. and Moss, Rose M., Lt. Rock House Road.

Jarrett, David B. and Jarrett, Carol E. to Emery, Jonathan M., Lt. 123 Haborside Sub, $7,000.

Ward, Leila Faye By AIF and Pettus, Cynthia F. AIF to Pettus, Cynthia F. and Ward, Angela Dawn and Ward, Leila Faye, Unit 1, Ph III, Green Pointe.

Calliham, Kevin Thomas and Calliham, Kenneth Paul to Calliham, Paul Thomas, Lt. 13, City.

Thomas, Rita Maxine to Thomas, Ruth E., Parcels County.

Debaun, Richard Harry to Debaun, Frances L., Lt. 45, Glendale Heights Sub.

Talbert, Edris F. and Talbert, Edris and Talbert, Anthony and Special Referee to Bank Of New York Mellon Trust Co. National Association and Bank Of New York Trust Co. NA and JPMorgan Chase Bank Trustee and Residential Asset Mortgage Products Inc., Lt. 29 & Lt. A, Alta Vista Sub. 2018-CP-24-00501.

Weeks, Bonnie J. to Davis, Linda I. and Iovanne, David A., Unit 115-G Hidden Creek, $44,500.

Creswell, Rodney to Mack, Troy L. and Mack, Paula L., Lt. 30, Ph. I, Heathwood Sub, $188,000.

Creech, Mary Frances to Creech, Mary Frances and Creech, Barbara Lynn and Hammond, Dustin M., Lt. 33, Alta Vista Sub & Tract 7 County.

Lollis, Jonathon Ira and Lollis, Kayla Phillips to Johnson, George W., Lt. 332, Sec. 3, Riegel Plant Sub, $10,000.

Burroughs, Willis H. Jr. and Burroughs, Jo Ann H. to Singleton, David and Singleton, Tonya, Tract Six County, $28,470.

Ivey, Gloria O. By AIF and Owings, Steve T. and Emerine, Phyllis By AIF and Lanier, Barbara O. By AIF and Kwist, Robert By AIF and Owings, Steve T. AIF to Howard, Matthew E. and Meredith, F. Michael Jr., Lt. B, County, $10,000.

Special Referee and Brown, Philbert H. Estate to SC Property Buyers LLC, Lts. 7 & 8, Tompkins Heights Extension 2018-CP-24-00380, $31,500.

Smith, Gerald T. and Smith, Gerald Thomas and Smith, Cynthia S. By AIF and Smith, Cynthia Ann S. By AIF and Terry, Janice AIF to Hooper, John Ashley, Parcels County, $153,000.

Hofsommer, Nancy R. and Becktold, Teresa Anne and Pepper, Teresa A. to Pepper, Teresa A. and Hofsommer, Nancy R. and Pepper, Michael D., Lts. 2 & 3 Rosemont Sub, $0.

Cueto, Rayesquel Alejandrina and Poole, Rayesquel Cueto to Poole, Rayesquel Cueto, Lt. 38, Sec. II, Ph. II, Rock Knoll Townhouses, $0.

Wideman, Ramon Ontarion to Ross, Latonya Nicole, Lt. 8, Bl. I, Ponderosa Heights, $115,000.

Cherokee Path Inc. to Palmer, Carlton Drew and Palmer, Courtney and Palmer, Carlton D., Tracts 2 & 5 Goose Creek Estates, $100,414.

Nulty, Kelly P. and Nulty, Christine R. to Bergen, Rebecca, Lt. 5, Blakedale Heights, Ph. II Sub, $179,900.

Williams, Willie C. and Williams, Judith G. to Jackson, Tony Carlton and Jackson, Mary, Lt. 5, Eagle’s Harbor Sub, Ph. 1, $0.