Mobley, Ronald U. and Kachulis, David Lee to Lusche, Edward A., Lt. 568, Canoe Bay At Grand Harbor, $214,000.

Four Tigers LLC to Strutko, Michael Paul, Parcel County, $68,800.

Barksdale, Mary B. to Reynolds, Kelsey M and Reynolds, H. Matt, Lt A-48 Gatewood Sub, $216,000.

Hodges, Gregory L. II to Smith, Dewitt H. III Trustee and Smith, Cynthia B. Trustee and Smith Joint Revocable Trust, Lt. 25 & Lt 25-A Grand Harbor Sub Ph I & Easement, $150,000.

Dorn, Henry A. Per Rep and Milford, James Thomas Estate By Per Rep and Milford, James T. Estate By Per Rep to Cooper, Dustin, Lt. 45 McKellar Farms Sub, $25,000.

Stewart, Timothy H. and Madden, Susan R. to Lighthouse Of The Carolinas Inc. The, Lt. Merriman Avenue, $63,000.

McKee, Horace Harvey Jr. to McKee, Mark Harvey and McKee, Matthew Allen, Parcels County.

Hu Po and Fan Lei to Li Jennifer, Lt. 16, Sec. H, Hunter’s Creek Plantation Sub, $328,400.

Clark, Daniel G. to Callaham, Monique S., Lt. 24, Claude I. Wells Sub, $125,000.

Martin, Theodore A. to Martin, Helen O., Lts. 39 & 40 Sheffield Sub.

Douglas, Nathaniel G. By AIF and Douglas, Holly K. and Douglas, Holly K. AIF to Ramos, Andrea, Lt. 29, Kirksey Forest, $112,000.

Driggers James L. II and Purdy, Sandra Driggers to Elingburg. John T. and Purdy, Sandra D., Lt. 3-C Ph. 3, Autumn Trace, $27,682.40.

Haynes, C. W. Jr. to Leonardi, Jerome C. and Leonardi, Jodi, Lt. 8, Frazier Pointe Sub, $310,000.

Anderson, Joshua F. to Causey, Catherine H., Lts. 81 & 83, Brightwater Bay Sub. Ph. I, $35,000.

Mattison, Alice T. to Sperry, Cathy M. and Babb, Cheryl M., Lt. 72, Greenwood Plant Sub.

Sperry, Keith H. to Sperry, Keith H. Trustee and Sperry, Keith H. Revocable Trust and Keith H. Sperry Revocable Trust, Lt. 50 County.

Sperry, Cathy M. to Sperry, Cathy M. Revocable Trust The and Cathy M. Sperry Revocable Trust The and Sperry, Cathy M. Trustee, Lt. Langley Road.

Hazel, Kathy Beeco By AIF and Brooks, Kathy Beeco By AIF and Brooks, Barry Todd AIF to Turner, John E., Lt. 8, J.E. Gunter Sub, $86,000.

Bratcher, Betty Vaughn to Bratcher, Wayne Lee, Parcel Phoenix Sec.

Bratcher, Betty Vaughn to Bratcher, Wayne Lee, Parcel 5.57A County.

Bratcher, Betty Vaughn to Clevenger, Shirley, Tract 2, County.

Woolbright, William Charles and Woolbright, Stephen Jackson and Woolbright, Stephanie Michelle to Woolbright, William L Jr, Unit 29, Karlie Hill Townhouses Ph II.

Woolbright, William L. Jr. and Devore, Pam to Hari Om Cleaners LLC, Unit 29, Karlie Hill Townhouses Ph II, $80,000.

R T Bailey Construction Inc. to Gainer, Martina M. and Hughes, Richard H., Lt. 81, Milford Pines Sub. Ph. I, $202,835.

Ballentine, George W. Jr. and Ballentine, Kathryn S. to Ballentine, Jessica K. Trustee and Ballentine, George W. III Trustee and Hembree, Carolyn D. to Hembree, Robert J., Parcel County.

Mayfield, Barry to Mayfield, Julia Melissa, Tract A County.

R T Bailey Construction Inc. to Shurling, Richard III and Shurling, Alexandra A., Lt. S-55, St. Andrews At Hunters Creek Plantation, $282,400.

Goodman, Theodore Jr. to 113 Cotton Mill Enterprises LLC and One Hundred Thirteen Cotton Mill Enterprises LLC, Lt. 13 Tompkins Heights Ext, $5,000.

Harts, Charles Henry to Harts, Mary E., Tract Island Ford Road.

Grier, John Calvin to Cotten, Charles Robert III and Cotten, Lesa Steifle, Parcel 24.06A, Main Street East, $68,000.

Banks, Christopher Donald to Fleming, Clarence L., Lt. 11, Bl. A, Hollywood Sub, $2,000.

Atlantic Coast Properties LLC and Atlantic Coast Properties Inc. to Bernabe, Anatolio, Lt. 32, Sec. 6, Belle Oaks Sub, $32,000.

Walker, Omie Louise and Timmerman, Maria Angela to Gibson, Melvin and Gibson, Susan D., Lts. 2, 3, 4 & 5 County, $142,000.

Lincoln Trust Co. Trustee and Zures, Margaret A. Trustee and Zures Family Trust and NTC & Co. Trustee FBO and Zures, Margaret Ira and NTC And Co. Trustee FBO to Velez, Debra M. and Velez, Leonardo A., Lot. 164, Grand Harbor, Ph. IV & Easement, $85,000.

Wade, Christopher Lee By AIF and Wade, Cynthia Elledge and Wade, Cynthia E. AIF and Wade, Christopher By AIF and Wade, Cynthia E. to Crittendon, Lisa, Lt. K-2, Heritage West Townhouses Ph. IV & Adjacent Patio, $121,000.

Tran, David to Tran, David and Burton, Hong Thach, Lt. 29, Panola Plant Sub.

Brown, Christopher B. and Brown, Sheila P. to Johnson, Brett A. and Johnson, Katherine G., Lt. 25, Lodge Grounds, $385,000.

McDowell, Vernon O. Jr and McDowell, Milton C. and Mc Dowell, Vernon O. Jr. and Mc Dowell, Milton C. to Ciurro. Judy McDowell, Parcel County, $0.

Matthews, Robert Lee and Matthews, Robert L. to Matthews, Linda H., Lt. 3, U. S. Hwy. 25.

Dahlin, Christine and Dahlin, Christine K. to R T Bailey Construction Inc., Lt. 102, Ph. I, Sec. III, Stoney Point Sub, $10,000.

Kendrick, Kenneth W. Jr. to Burton, Robert Corey and Burton, Natale W., Lt. 225, Harborside Sub, $90,000.

Bro Con Rental Co. Inc. and Rt Bailey Construction Inc. to Bonanno, Charles, Parcel A Lots 1 & 2 Bradford Place Sub, $284,000.

McDonald, Nancy C. By AIF and Fowler, Eunice C. By AIF and Cooper, William Lee and Alexander, Claude J. AIF and Mc Donald, Nancy C. By AIF to Knowlton, Taylor C., Lt A, County, $56,000.

Rapay, Michael Ray and Rapay, Amanda Jo to Shannon, Matthew E. and Shannon, Kimberly M., Parcels County, $300,000.

Young, Otis Jerry and Young, La Venia Turner and Young, Lavenia Turner to Young, Christopher Bryan and Young, Otis Jerry and Young, La Venia Turner and Young, Lavenia Turner, Lt Lake Shore Drive.

Abbevile First Bank to DSB Contracting And Rental Properties LLC, Lt/Unit 26, Sec. 1, Ph. V, Rock Knoll Townhouses, $37,000.

Horne, William Jay By AIF and Horne, Robert Irby AIF and Horne, Kathryn T. By AIF to Mallory, Shane P. and Mallory, Tammie Y., Lt. 7, Idlewood Sub, $140,000.

Bryant, Rex Carroll Jr. to Bryant, Martie S. and Bryant, Mary A. and Whatley, Catherine E., Lt. B, County & Access Road.

Gibert, Terry M. and Gibert, Carolyn H. to Garron, Kelly Willis, Lt. 2, County & 1989 Mobile Home & Easement, $60,000.

Gibert, Nicholas Lynn and Gibert, Jessica Ouzts to Ouzts, Ruth R., Lt. 246, Greenwood Plant Sub, $60,000.

McGaha, Daniel Mark and McGaha, Brittany Lybrand to Christian, Deborah V., Lts. 14 & 15 City, $133,500.

Ward, Jerry Michael and Ward, Jerry M. to Sperry, Keith H., Lt. 49, Rivers Street, $137,500.

Referee Special and Furman, Jo Anna R. to Branch Banking And Trust Co. and Branch Banking & Trust Co., Lt. 25, Planters Row At Palmetto Crossing, Ph. One 2018-CP-24-01030.

Corley, Jerry Gordan to Corley, Frances R., Tract 4, The J. L. Maxwell Farm Sub.

Rowell, Gary C. and Rowell, Eunice A. to Stanton, Thomas and Stanton, Paula D., Unit 136, Orchard Park Sub, $190,000.

Shannon, Matthew E. to Anderson, Rebecca A., Lt. 15, Quail Run Sub, $234,500.

Rodgers, Sadea H. and Rodgers, Sadea to Shealy, Matthew W. and Shealy, Allison M., Lt. 1, Sample Road, $112,000.

McClanahan, Julia Ann and Pridmore, Julia Ann and McClanahan, Zachary Tyler and McClanahan, Julia P. and Mc Clananhan Julia Ann and Mc Clananhan, Zachary Tyler and Mc Clanahan, Julia P. to Chaney, Sarah C., Lt. Town Of Ninety Six, $89,500.

Lin, Jinyun By AIF and Lai, Peter AIF and Hsu, Ching Hsin By AIF and Hsin, Hsu Ching By AIF to Lu, Chanh, Unit 2, Timberwood, $110,000.

Secretary Of Housing & Urban Development and Secretary Of Housing And Urban Development to Faulks, Jody R. and Faulks, Gladys S., Lt. 10, Clark Avenue.

Giles, Joe R. to Klinck, Phillip, Lt. 4, Bl. B, Wade Heights Sub, $25,000.

Special Referee and Patterson, Shannon K. and Patterson, Shannon King and Patterson Shannon to Federal National Mortgage Association and Fannie Mae, Lt. 1, Laurel Wood Sub. Ph IV, A 2018-Pp-24-00981.

Wideman, Cladie Mae Hill to Wideman, Jaleesa and Tinch, Natalie D. and Malcolm, Carla and Timipson, Magina A., Portion Of Lt 5, County.

Clary, Joy to Gasque, Steven A., Lt. 1, County, $112,500.

Cleveland, Meadows, LLC to WW Plasma IV, LLC, Tract County, $1,200,000.

Cox, Marvin Ray to Ingram, Jessica C., Parcel 2.439A Nations Road, $74,000.

Connor, Freddie and Connor, Naomi to Connor, Freddie Trustee and Connor, Naomi Johnson Trustee and Connor Family Trust The, Lts. 134 & 135 Magnolia Place Sub.

Special Referee and Parham, Donna H. and Parham Benjamin B. Estate to Federal National Mortgage Association, Lt. 47, Jennings Ave. 2018-CP-24-01194.

McDill Properties LLC and Mc Dill Properties LLC to Properties VVV LLC, Parcel Baptist Street, $65,000.

Rowland, James E. to Thompson Rental Properties LLC, Lt. 11, Edgefield Heights Sub, $18,500.