Brothers, Dewey D. and Brothers Properties to Greenwood SC City Of, Parcel City.

Mcquown, James Allan Jr. By AIF and Mcquown, Allan By AIF and Mc Quown, James Allan Jr. By AIF and Mc Quown, Allan By AIF and Mc Quown, Nancy Elizabeth and Mcquown, Nancy Elizabeth AIF and Mcquown, Nancy Elizabeth and Mc Quown, Nancy Elizabeth AIF to Gambill, Sidney Todd and Gambill, Jeannie Farthing, Lts. 29, 30, 31 & 32, Blyth Ave., $205,000.

Herron, Henry A. and Herron, Tracey T. to Herron, Henry A. Trustee and Herron, Tracey T. Trustee and Herron Joint Living Trust The, Tract County.

Sorrow, Haley S. and Schleicher, Haley S. to Wakefield, Tershara K., Lt. 32, Ph. I, Broken Ridge Sub., $200,000.

Chastain, Frances Jaynette and Chastain, Jaynette to Trust Bank and Suntrust Bank and Suntrust Mortgage Inc, Deed-In Lieu Of Foreclosure, Parcel Town Of Ninety Six.

Cain, Lisa H. to Timms, Amy R., Lt. 5, Dalewood Estates, $205,000.

Hodges, Curtis Stephen to Sides, Lindsey S., Lt. 78, Idlewood Sub., $230,000.

Johnson, Barry L. to Arrowood, Candice A., Lt. 20, Foxcroft Sub., $50,000.

Rowe, Garrett Warren and Rowe, Christine Widener and Rowe, Christine W. to Hyatt, Jonathan Duane and Hyatt, Mary Taylor Burgess, Lt. 32, Northcrest Sub., $140,000.

Lukas, Spencer E. and Lukas, Mary Katherine J. to Smith, Stephanie Adams, Lt. 9, City, $194,000.

Radford, Albert William to Radford, Lucille Walker, Parcels D & C County.

Radford, Lucille Walker By AIF and Tschudi, Tiffany R. AIF and Tschudi, Tiffany AIF to Radford, Robin E., Parcels D & C County.

Antenucci, Anthony Steven and Antenucci, Mary Katherine to Scott, Kenneth E., Lt. 201, Ph. I, Driftwood, $230,500.

Harrison, Clay to Harrison, Hunter and Harrison, Stephanie, Parcel 1.24A County.

Miley, Harvey to Harvey, Miley and Harvey, Jane D., Parcel, .79A Townsend Road.

Juergens, Kenneth J. and Juergens, Ken to Juergens, Kenneth J. and Juergens, Stacey G., Lts. 89 & 88, Harbor Heights Sub., Strip Between Lots & Water Tap, $0.

Surrett, Christopher T. to Surrett, Chester T., Tract, Golf Course Road.

Boswell, Scotty to Mccurry, Terry D. and Mc Curry, Terry D., Lt. 28, Blyth Road, $25,000.

Pamplin, Robert B. Jr. Trustee and RB Pamplin Corporation And Subsidiaries Pension Plan And Trust to LTK Properties LLC, Parcel County, $500,000.

Tolbert, Willie Benjamin to Perrin, Sonja T. and Tolbert, Peggy H. and Terry, Bobby and Deal, Juna T., Lt. 2, New Market Park Sub.

Austin, Wright and Austin, Wright L. to Arboleda, Nestor, Lt. 4, County, $6,850.

Stevenson Place Farms LLC to Lariscy, Craig Daniel and Lariscy, Elizabeth Allison, Tract County, $770,816.

Dorn, Stephen T. to Smith, Duane and Smith, Cornelia B., Parcel County, $1,500.

Nelson, Leslie and Nelson, William C. to End Poverty Now Inc., Lts. 87 & 88, Patriot Plantation.

Norfolk Southern Railway Company to Calhoun, Robert Todd, Tract County.

Aiken, Travis and Aiken, Shikina to Morgan, Kenneth and Morgan, Joanne, Lt. 7, Laurel Wood Sub. Ph. V., $152,000.

Dewberry, Jacqueline C. By AIF and Woodward, Karen C. By AIF and Roquemore, Nancy C. By AIF and Callison, G. P. Jr. AIF and Callison, G. P. Jr. and Rawl, Rebekah C. By AIF to Owings, Jacob Connor and Cason, Christen Brianna, Tract County, $140,000.

Welton, Lula M. to Yeldell, Dellis, Lt. Sumpter Street, $12,000.

Redd, Loren Coleton and Redd, Connie C. to Chrisley, Rebecca, Lt. E-2 & Adjacent Patio, Heritage West Townhouses & Easements, $130,000.

Smith, Kay Darlene to Morton, Kevin D., Lot 158, Eagles Harbor Sub., Ph. II, $2,500.

B&H Enterprises and Brothers, Dewey D. and Harrison, John D. Jr. and B And H Properties to Watson, Charles M. Jr., Parcel, 3.77A Timberwood Road.

Roach, Juanita M. Jordan to Lindley, Harold Roy III and Roach, Juanita M. Jordan, Parcels County.

Boyd, Mackenzie V. to Akins, Jeremy T., Lot 47, Abners Acres, $89,000.

Wilson, Betty to Wilson, Lamara, Lots 37 And 38, Block A, College Heights Sub.

Jones, Lester M. to Jones, Lester M. and Jones, Sandra K., Lot 32 And Portion Of Lot 33, Rockcreek Sub.

Kidd, Jessica Day and Kidd, Kenneth Joseph to Kidd, Jessica Day, Tract B, Tillman Territory Road.

Davis, James Pryor and Davis, James P. to Davis, Nikki Lynn and Davis, Nikki L., Parcel, Ridge Road.

Ellison, Edward W. and Ellison, Eddy W. and Ellison, Eddie and Ellison, Eddy to Ellison Farms LLC, Parcels County.

Ellison, Edward W. to Ellison, Edward W. Trustee and Ellison, Edward W. Revocable Trust and Edward W. Ellison Revocable Trust, Parcels County.

Freeman, Willie H. Jr. to Suarez, Ariana, Lot, Marion Avenue, $601.

Southern Homes & Property Development LLC and Southern Homes And Property Development LLC to Reeder, Kevin, Lt 19, Avondale Sub., Sec. 3, $8,500.

Lasley, Lauren H. and Lasley, Thomas J. II to Heldenbrand, Hugh and Lackey, Lela Lynn, Parcel City, $209,500.

Brownlee, Beth K. and Cox, Beth K. to Roque, Roger and Geronimo, Serrano Hodalis and Serrano, Hodalis Geronimo, Lt. 5, Ph. I, Pebble Creek Sub., $133,385.

Easler, Charles L. to Gibert, Terry M. and Gibert, Carolyn H., Lt. 87, Brightwater Bay Sub., Ph. I, $25,000.

Hodges, Philip to Mac Entertainment Inc., Parcels County, $325,000.

Kalagayan, Elias J. to Kalagayan, Elias J. Revocable Trust and Elias J. Kalagayan Revocable Trust and Kalagayan, Ellyson Gil Trustee, Lot 82, Patriot Plantation,

Holley, Ricky H. By AIF and Holley, Janet M. AIF to Ashley, Amy Holley and Ashley, Keith H., Parcels County.

Yeargin, Wendell Oneil and Yeargin, Wendell O Neil to Yeargin, Elise W., Lot 162, Fairforest Sub.

Larkins, Clinton Eugene to Nation, Timothy and Nation, Vera C., Tract B 0.81A, County.

Holmes, David G. and Holmes, Gloria E. to Odell, Marcus Adam and Mountz, Kristen Michelle and O Dell, Marcus Adam, Lot 51, Sec. B, Plantation Pointe, $45,000.

Blue Bottle LLC to Adams, L. B. Jr. and Adams, Margaret W., Parcels County.

Atlantic Coast Properties LLC and Atlantic Coast Properties Inc. to Gonzalez, Jose Martin and Martin, Gonzalez Jose, Lot 17, Sect. 7, Belle Oaks Sub., $25,900.

Butler, Randy A. Trustee FBO and Wood, Anslee Grace to Butler, Randy A., Lt/Unit 23, Bradford Place And Easement.

Wardlaw, Johnny Louis and Wardlaw, Johnny to Mcentyre, Traci and Mc Entyre, Traci, Lot 25, County.