Watson, Connie S. to Abdelhaq, Khalid M. and Watson, Connie S., Lt. 3, Forest Glen Sub.

Secretary Of Housing And Urban Development to Stauffer, Curtis R. and Stauffer, Marta J., Lt. 3, Painted Oaks Sub & 2001 Lexi Manufactured Home, $80,000.

Gibert, Terry M and Gibert, Carolyn H. to Castillo, Colorado Alejandra and Colorado Alejandra Castillo, Parcel City, $45,000.

Gibert, Terry M. to Perrin, Judious, Parcel Little Mountain Road, $1,000.

Harvley, Betty Burroughs to Harvley, Otis H. Jr., Parcel County.

Byrd, Janet Carol to Farmer, Charles Lee and Farmer, Tammy Rollison, Lt. 276, Blyth Road.

Michaels, William H. and Antley, Terri A. and Carroll, Michael to Rhoades, Patricia D. and Hanke, Nancy G., Unit 19-D, St. Kitts Sub. Ph. IV, $100,000.

Redden, James Leigh to Redden, Lydia G., Lt. 36, Avondale Sub. Sec I.

Berry, Noahleen and Swift, Jennifer Annette and Phillips, Jeffrey David and Phillips, Jeff to Fortner Home Land Development LLC, Tract Golf Course Road, $16,000.

Brooks, Jasmine A. and Macke, Jasmine B. and Brooks, Jasmine and Macke, Jasmine to Lenyear, Terrence D., Lt. 33, Laurel Street Sub. Ext., $75,250.

Cook, Haskell D. Jr. to Hardman, James Brian and Hardman, Kathy J. and Hardman, Jasmine, Lt. 36, Ben Franklin Sub. A/k/a Harless-Seymore Development, $4,000.

McHugh, Virginia G. and McHugh, Thomas J. and Mc Hugh, Virginia H. and Mc Hugh, Thomas J. to Jones, Gail L., Lt. 103, Lodge West, $167,500.

Jenkins, Carol J. to Woods, Tandy Lewis Jr., Lt. 19, Meadowbrook Sub, $75,000.

Burris, Kristine L. and Burris, Kristine to Fyock, Rebecca, Lt. W-1, Shamrock Drive, $95,000.

Burris, Kristine L. and Burris, Kristine to Fyock, Rebecca, Lt W-2, Shamrock Drive, $0.

Sowell, William L. and Sowell, William to Sowell, Willie and Sowell, William Scott, Parcels County.

Gibert, Terry M. to Del Carmen, Deleon Jaramillo Esmerelda and Jaramillo, Esmerelda Del Carmen Deleon and Deleon, Jamrillo Esmerelda Del Carmen, Parcels County, $80,000.

Duff, D. Fred By AIF and Bourne, Judy D. AIF to Bourne, Judy D. and Duff, Richard F., Lt. 3, County.

Maynard, Jordan and Rhodes, Randi N. and Maynard, Randi to Maynard, Jordan and Maynard, Randi, Parcel 20.00A County, $0.

Reynolds, Bobby Ray to Cooley, Hollie A., Parcel Sample Road, $30,000.

Martin, Ginger G. and Proctor, Pamela G. and Wassom, Shelly G. and Greenway, Carole S. and Woodward, Virginia Kaye and Wassom, Shelly G. to Asbill, Jenna C. and Asbill, Edward D., Parcel Gracemont, $140,000.

McCombs, T. Larry to Langley, Joe W., Lts. 15 & 16, Booker T. Washington Heights.

Harrison, Robert M. By AIF and Harrison, Christopher D. AIF to Gibert, Terry M. and Gibert, Carolyn H., Lts. 85 & 86, Bright Bay Sub. Ph I & 2004 Clayton Mobile Home, $35,000.

TM Properties LLC to Espinoza, Romulo Guevara and Guevara, Garcia Jose Rafael and Garcia, Jose Rafael Guevara, Lt. 29, Utopia Acres Sub, $34,500.

Pearson, Ulysess Jr. to Pearson, Celester, Lt. 123, Magnolia Place Sub.

Lollis, Coleton Abel and Lollis, Coleton to Lollis, James E. Jr., Parcel 1, Lollis Road.

Arc Fd73slboo1 LLC to Spirit Master Funding X LLC, Lt. City, $1,568,667.87.

Secretary Of Veterans Affairs The to Quicken Loans Inc., Lt. 6, Saddle Hill Sub. Ph. II.

Bishop, Denis A. to Bishop, Denis A. and Bishop, Carol A., Lots County.

Szewczak, Francis P. and Szewczak, Anne T. and Szewczak, Steven and Szewczak, Steven L. to Berry, Michael, Lt. No 49, Auburn Place, $128,662.69.

Early, Ellen Jackson Trustee and Jackson, Gerald Thomas Irrevocable Trust and Gerald Thomas Jackson Irrevocable Trust and Early, Ellen J. to Early, Ellen Jackson Trustee and Early, Ellen J. Revocable Trust and Ellen J. Early Revocable Trust, Parcels County.

Holloway, E. Paul and Holloway, Rebecca D. to Stevenson, Robert F., Lt. 38, And Lt. 37, Block D, Hemlock Ct, $35,000.

Johnson, Peter F. and Johnson, Dianne D. and Johnson, Dianne to Coulliette, Carol R., Unit 6, Old Mill Townhouses, $91,500.

Holmquist, Steffan and Holmquist Dianne and Holmquist, D. to Austin, Justin S. and Austin, Lauren C., Lt. 4, Sec. F, Hunter’s Creek Plantation Sub, $296,000.

Austin, Justin S. and Austin, Lauren C. to Dunlap, Marlo P. and Dunlap, Lacey B., Lt. 23, Ph. III, Saddle Hill Sub, $226,000.

Chandler, Hubert T. By AIF and Chandler, Hubert Joseph AIF to Laurens Highway Properties LLC, Parcels B & C SC Hwy 72 & Us Hwy 221.

Laurens Highway Properties Llc to Hollingsworth James S and Hollingsworth Danielle, Parcel B & C Sc Hwy 72 & Us Highway 221, $190,000.

R T Bailey Construction Inc. to Sak, Timothy J. and Sak, Sara A., Lt. 20, The Retreat At Grand Harbor Sub, $457,385.

ASI Industrial LLC to Whetsel, Thomas and Whetsel, Christine, Lt. 6, Ph. I, Section II, Stoney Point Sub, $100,000.

Evergreen SC to Pressley, Stephen M. and Downer, Katie, Tracts County, $1.

Gantt, Zebadiah D. and Gantt, Davis Alexandra and Gantt, Zeb to Lovett, Jamison T., Lt. 5, Woodbury Place Sub, $187,500.

Arnett, Carol L. Hill to Poorman, Stephen E. and Poorman, Pattina K., Lt. 1, French Village At Stoney Point, $320,000.

Davis, Linda I. and Iovanne, Linda J. to Davis, Linda I. and Murray, Gina E., Lt. 39, Laurel Wood Sub.