Smith, Michael Earl and Barry, Judy Smith to Garbade, Stefan and Garbade, Flora Elysia, Parcel U.S. Highway 254, $80,000.

Hall, Kathryn Burton and Burton, Kathryn to Burton, Kathryn, Parcel 18.00A, County, $0.

Williams, Aron to WAJM LLC, Lot 27, Booker T. Washington Heights, $20,000.

R. T. Bailey Construction Inc. to Rosbury, Andrea L. and Rosbury, Ryan M., Lot 80, Milford Pines, $187,439.20.

Thomas, Mildred Dorn to Turner, Belinda Dorn, Lot Deadfall Road.

Bagwell, Jack N. and Bagwell, Leigh A. and Bagwell, L. A. to Wideman, Francis J. III and Wise, Wideman Frances Elisabeth and Wideman, Frances Elisabeth Wise, Lot A-42, Gatewood Sub., $286,000.

Ward, Walter Lee to Ward, Angela P. and Pettus, Cynthia F., Lot B, 1.01A County.

R. T. Bailey Construction Inc. to Beam, James H. Jr. and Beam, Barbara N., Lot 12, Eighteen Queens Court, $282,000.

R. T. Bailey Construction Inc. to Myers, Terry L. and Myers, Connie L., Lot 66, Grand Harbor Ph. I, $387,774.

Nelson, Kristal M. and Miller, Kristal A. to Minter, Alexandra, Lot 12, Wideman Sub., $129,000.

Morrison, Brandon Lee and Morrison, William Brant and Morrison, Katie Helen and Hembree, Harold Elmo and Hammond, Jo Ana Helen and Watson, Leyna Airyanna and Watson, Leyna Airyanna and Morrison, Annie Louise By Trustee FBO and Morrison, Kenneth Chad and Morrison, Katie H. and Hammond, Jo A. H. and Watson, Leyna to Arthur, Lindsey C. and Arthur, Travis Lee, Parcels, Bell Rive Sub., $380,000.

Murphy, Charles R. to Murphy, Mary A., Lt. 11, Hampton Trace Sub.

Lee, Edward and Lee, Amanda Danielle to Howard, Jeremy J. and Miller, Kristal A., Tract 3.32A, County, $180,000.

Timmerman, Maria Angela to Walker, Omie Louise, Parcel County.

Walker, Omie Louise By AIF and Timmerman, Maria Angela AIF to Ouzts, Jeremy B., Parcel County, $78,000.

Williams, Elnita L. and Williams, John Luther to North Properties LLC, Lt. 10, Tompkins Heights Ext., $30,000.

Crawley, Craig J. and Crawley, Linda to Compton, James David, Lt. 26, Laurel Ridge Sub., Ph. I, $155,000.

Suttles, Thomas M. to Strong, Patrick, Lt. 38, Sunset Acres Sub., $144,500.

Dence, John to Dence, John and Dence, Frances C., Lot 20, Wellington Green Sub.

Goodwin, Teresa to Sanders, John T. and Sanders, Amy E., Parcel County.

Varnum, Crystal Godfrey to Allewine, John Paul, Lot 537, Sec. 2, Riegel Plant Sub.

Childs, Alicia M. to Brooks, Roosevelt, Lot, Milwee Avenue.

Childs, Alfred P. Jr. and Childs, Alfred Jr. to Brooks, Roosevelt, Lot, Milwee Avenue.

Childs, Joshua C. By AIF and Childs, Shanna AIF to Brooks, Roosevelt, Lot, Milwee Avenue.

Creswell, Nancy M. to Aguilera, Morales Maria Guadalupe and Morales, Maria Guadalupe Aguilera, Lt. 2, County, $85,000.

Palmetto Crossing Construction LLC to DE Family LLC, Lot 8, Planters Row At Palmetto Crossing, Ph. One, $30,000.

Drennon, Roderick to Matthews, Annette, Lot 15, Pinion Place Sub., $85,000.

Ables, Ronnie S, to Ables, Ronnie S. Jr., Parcels, Blyth Road.

Cowan, Catherine Everett to Cowan, David E., Lot 37, Sheffield Sub.

Milam, Catherine Cowan and Huggins, Rachel Cowan to Cowan, David E., Lot 37, Sheffield Sub.

Ginn, Sally to Davi,s Sally Juanita Clamp, Lot 1, Pine Ridge Sub.

Lyle, D. Andrew and Lyle, Elizabeth R. to Lyle, D. Andrew and Lyle, Elizabeth R., Lot 18, Woodlawn Sub.

Nutt, Jason A, and Nutt, Jason to Hermeston, Glenda Edwards and Hermeston, Robert John, Lt. 21, Stoney Point, $243,000.

Fisher, Florian and Fisher, Janet and Kaylor, Victoria to Flying Crown LLC, Lts. 26 & 27, Cambridge Heights Sub. $114,000.

Mahon, Yvonne G. to Mahon, Yvonne G. and Mahon, Michael S., Lts. 30, 31 & 93, Ph. I, Sec III, Stoney Point.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Devore, Terry L. and Devore, Karen J., Lts. 19 & 19-A Hillbrook Sub.

Lewis, Charles L. and Lewis, Tresla A. to Lee, Wendy Burnett, Lt. 17, Virgin Heights Sub., $15,000.

Knight, L. David and Payne, Pamela K. to Seymour, Robert B. and Seymour, Cassie, Tract Kathy Hill Road, $248,000.

Gregg, Joel William By AIF and Humphrey, Amy Elizabeth and Mueller, Karl Patrick and Mueller, Mary Katherine and Humphrey, Amy Elizabeth AIF to Evans, James E. Jr. and Evans, Tamra L., Lt. 19, Sheffield Sub., $169,000.

Miner, Barry S. and Miner, Janice to LFM Properties LLC, Lots 7,8,13,14,17,20,24,29,30,32,35,36,37,38,71,72, 74 & 75 Wheatfield Sub., $795,000.

Holland, Thomas W. and Holland, Nancy S. to GSC Holdings LLC, Lt. 98, Sec. 1, Mathews Plant Sub., $28,000.

Fluitt, Robert Carey to Dove, Leila L., Lot 173 And Lot 173-A Ninety Six Plant Sub., $160,000.

R. T. Bailey Construction Inc. to Brathwaite, Angela L. and Brathwaite, Lenox L., Lt. 8, Milford Pines, $214,926.

Gibert, Terry M. and Gibert, Carolyn H. to Abbott, Mark T., Tract County, $75,000.

Merchant, Laura L. and Rowe, Laura T. to Tucker, Christopher, Parcel A & B County.

Broome, James Richard Jr. to Broome, Laura Suzanne, Lot 8, Block 3, Unit 2, Natchez Trace And Lot 9, Block 3, Unit 2, Natchez Trace.

Broome, Laura Suzanne to Garretson, Douglas A. and Garretson, Denise S., Lot 8, Block 3, Unit 2, Natchez Trace And Lot 9, Block 3, Unit 2, Natchez Trace.

Craft, Sarah and Culbertson, Sarah to Coursey, Hillary Elizabeth and Coursey, Kevin J., Lt. 7, Brazington Place, $120,000.

Rogers, Benjamin F. Jr. and Rogers, Debra A. to Rogers, Benjamin F. Jr. and Rogers, Debra A., Tract B, 50.094A County.

Ramos, Andrea and Lopez, Andrea Ramos to Lopez, Andrea Ramos and Lopez, Rodriguez Jose and Rodriguez, Jose Lopez, Lot 29, Kirksey Forest Ph. I.

Murray, Michael K. and Murray, Denise K. to Murray, Michael K. Trustee and Murray, Denise K. Trustee and Murray, Living Trust, Lot 158, Grand Harbor Sub. Ph. IV.

Hastings, Virginia Wood and Jenny Sue Hastings and Hastings, Virginia Sue and Hastings, Jenny W. to Hastings, Bobby Lee Sr., Tracts County.

Brookland Enterprises LLC to Briley, Maxey Carlton Jr. and Moseley, Judith Elizabeth, Lt. 4, County, $14,000.

White, Mitchiner Juanita and Mitchiner, Allen Lamont to Smith, Wade L. III, Lot 3, County.

White, Mitchiner Juanita and Mitchiner, Allen Lamont to Smith, Wade L. III, Unit 3-C, Fox Hollow.

Special Referee and Tooper, William Cheney Per Rep and Cheney, Ora H. Estate and Looper, Carol Cheney to Uni Rent Properties Inc., Lot 3, Idlewood Sub. CP-2019-CP-24-00797, $104,501.

Special Referee and Mufalli, Steven D. and Mufalli, Steve and Switzer, Kathie A. Estate to DSB Contracting & Rental Properties LLC and DSB Contracting And Rental Properties LLC, Lot 121, Avondale Sub. 2019-CP-24-00458, $65,000.

Special Referee and James, Eloise to Clark, Matthew C. and Clark, Adrian Allen, Lot F And Lot F-1, Block J, Blyth Heights Sub. 2019-CP-24-00496, $56,500.

Lovvorn, Terry D. and Lovvorn, Larry T. to Lovvorn, William Thomas and Lovvorn, Angela G., Lts. 41 & 42 Sand Shores Sub.

Britt, Ken L. to Tackett, Deborah Britt, Lt. A-2, Woodhaven Townhouses & Adjacent Patio.

Peele, Dan S. to Cockrell, Mark A., Lots County, $140,000.