Cain, Bibb Randall Trustee and Cain, Benson Trust and Benson Cain Trust to Cain, Bibb Randall, Unit 14-B, St. Kitts Sub. Ph. II, $75,000.

Bussey, Ronald to Wertz, Julian, Parcel Ponderosa Drive.

Wates, Patty Lou to Wates, William M. and Stone, Cynthia L. and Lomax, Rebecca L. and Ferguson, William J. Jr., Lt. 28, Forest Lake Sub.

Sears, Michael R. and Sears, Laura B. to Sears, Kasie M. and Sears, Kayla M. and Sears, Katie M. and Sears, Michael R. and Sears, Laura B., Parcels County.

Robinson, Margaret V. and Brenson, Betty R. and White, Olivia and Mays, James A. to Mays, John A., Lot. B, (Western One Half) B J.D. Nicholson-Ware Shoals Subdivision.

Bonds, Rufus Sr. to Bonds, Rufus Jr., Parcels County.

R T Bailey Construction Inc. to Johnson, Diandrea L., Lt. 85, Longneedle Drive, $194,874.40.

Davis, Sarah E. and Davis, Richard D. and Special Referee to Federal National Mortgage Association, 208 Cedarbrook Sub. 2018-CP-24-00520.

Floyd, Ethel M. and Sells, Ethel Messer By AIF and Kemp, Debra S. AIF to Shirley, Terry R. and Shirley, Jacqueline H., Tract US Highway 221/SC Highway 72.

Turner, Hamish Jr. By AIF and Wannamaker, Margaret T. AIF to Creswell, Lauren J., Lt. 75, City, $84,695.

Bratcher, Ray and Bratcher, Ray H. to Bratcher, Ray H and Bratcher, Pamela S., Parcels Highway 25 North.

135 Grace Street LLC to 133 Grace Street LLC, Parcels Grace Street.

BTG Pactual OEF Property 1 LP and BTGg Pactual OEF Property One LP to Foundation Valley Baptist Legacy Foundation, Tracts In Greenwood & Saluda Counties, $793,767.42.

Schivley, Regis C. and Schivley, Carolee A. to Anthony, Nancy, Lt. 3, Club Crossing Phase II, $116,000.

Coats, Rhonda A. and Connie Maxwell Childrens Home to Tolbert, James C., Parcel County, $41,500.

Greenwood Area Habitat For Humanity Inc. to Moss, Raven, Lt. 6, Davis Property, $89,000.

C & P Property And Materials LLC and Tax Collector Greenwood County and C And P Property And Materials LLC to Austin, Wright, Parcel County-Tax Deed, $6,001.

Rushton, William L. II to Rushton, Ginger Stevens, Tract Cokesbury Township And Interest In Egress And Ingress To And From Property.

Rushton, William L. II to Rushton, Ginger Stevens, Family Court Order 2019-Dr-24-00204, Parcel County With Mobile Home.

Gilbert, Suzanne K. to Gilbert, Suzanne K. and Gilbert, Timothy J., Lt. 52, Grand Habor Ph I & Easement.

Gable, Preston Kent and Gable, Sandra and Gable, Sandra J. to Gable, Katherine Lee, Lt. 181, Ninety Six Plant Sub.

Absolute Professional Properties LLC Trustee and Carriage West Property Trust to Hill, Lashunda, Parcel Westbrook Drive.

Absolute Professional Properties LLC to Hill, Lashunda, Parcels County.

Crawford, Anna Marie and Crawford, Matthew Levi and Crawford, Ryan Patricia to Crawford, Patricia Z., Lots County.

Upper Savannah Development Corporation to Central Trust Company, Suite Nos. 200-C And 200-V Chipley/Vogue Horizontal Property Regime Phase I.

Scott, Tara T. Custodian FBO and Scott, Joseph T. to Collins, Chad, Parcel County, $12,000.

Coleman, Robert S. and Coleman, Renita B. to Renoj, Tomas and Hernandez, Angela Pac, Parcels County, $18,000.

Milford Pines Development Inc. to R T Bailey Construction Inc., Lots Milford Pines Drive, $245,000.

Karner, Rebecca Y. and Yarbrough, Rebecca S. to Dibona, Preston D., Lot 57, Rock Creek Sub, $118,500.

Pralle, Susan Marie and Pralle, Susan C. to Mahood, Jason and Jimenez, Trina, Lt. 285, Sec. 2, Riegel Textile Properties.

Clark, Curtis G. to Clark, Womack Lili Kate Custodian FBO and Womack, Elliott Dorn and Womack, Lili Kate Clark Custodian FBO, Lt. 250, Ninety Six Plant Sub.

Smith, Kay Darlene to Dreher, Marquis D., Lot 83, Abney Mills Panola Plant Sub, $25,000.

Lyles, Jerry C. and Lyles, David B. and Lyles, Margie C. and Lyles, Stephen C. to Dean, Virginia A., Lt. 18, Smithfields Sub., $122,500.

Brooks, Donna to Smith, Christopher L. and McDonald, Kelly A., Parcel Epworth Camp Road East, $195,500.

Meek, Marvin T. and Meek, Sandra J. to Ippaso, Robert and Dipietro, Beth, Lt. 22, Ph. 1, Grand Harbor Sub, $220,000.

Perrin, James to Vje, Rentals LLC, Lt. D, 12A County, $15,000.

Williams, Lucille M. to Williams, Betty Ann, Parcel 1.993A County.

Cox, Roy E. III to Wolfington, Sean T. and Wolfington, Shana S., Unit 12A, Ph. 2, Country Village Sub, $65,000.

Donnalley, Dale C. and Donnalley, Judy R. to Havey, Michael G. and Havey, Billie R., Lt. 2, Waterford Bay, $325,000.

Timms, Brian Keith to Timms, Jodie Marie, Parcels County.

Lawrence, Fletcher F. Jr. to Greenwood County, 4.7A Stoney Point Road.

Palmetto Crossing Construction LLC to Nelson, Harold Richard and Nelson, Tammy J., Lt. 110, Cottages At Palmetto Crossing, $249,000.

Lane, Heather L. and Dudley, Heather L. to Birch, Alyssa June, Lt. 1, Section Ad Avalon Townhouses, Ph. 1-B, $81,600.

Davis, Donald R. and Davis, Vickie and Davis, Vickie R. to Davis, Donald R. Trustee and Davis, Vickie R. Trustee and Davis Family Revocable Living Trust The, Lt. 11, Ferncliff Drive.

Martin, Sandra and Martin, Sandra L. to Burt, Lorraine M. and Miller, Darrell Antonio and Miller, Sonya Renee and Miller, Victor L. and Minyard, Lisa M. and Agnew, Lucille M., Parcel County.

McCartney, Jay B. to Dixon, Blake Patrick and Dixon, Jessica Lee, Lot 2, Laurel Acres Sub, $170,000.

Town & Country Of Greenwood LLC and Town And Country Of Greenwood LLC to Booker, Lashanda N., Lt. 12, Ph. I, Chalmers Park, $102,900.

Brantley, Hoke and Ford, James M. Trustee and Ford, Paula B. Miller Trustee and Ford Living Trust The to Godfrey, Robert Lee Sr., Parcel 3.61A Deadfall Road, $50,000.

Godfrey, Robert Lee Sr. to Godfrey, Robert Lee Sr. and Godfrey, Linda G., Parcel 3.61A Deadfall Road, $0.

Brown, Wayne E. and Brown, Willie Mae to Brown, John Paul, Tract 2 Woodlawn Road.

Kingsmore, Michael G. to Sightler, Jerry L., Parcel, 20.00A County, $68,500.

Todd, Heather Michelle Custodian FBO and Harris, Alexus Paige and Harris, Madison Hope and Todd, Aiden Charles to Summers, Deborah J., Lt. 15, Linwood Estates Sub, $0.

Scates, Marti J. to Scates, Marti J. and Scates, Kyle W., Lt. 31, Section S, Hunters Creek Plantation, $0.

Nichols, George By AIF and Nichols, Mary Anne T. By AIF and Nichols, G. Kelley AIF to Bagwell, Jason, Lt. 6, Lakewood Heights Sub, $125,000.

Stanbery, Gregory B. and Stanbery, Deborah B. to Stanbery, Deborah B. Trustee and Stanbery, Gregory B. Trustee and Stanbery, Gregory B Living Trust and George B. Stanbery Living Trust, Lt. 35, Roman Acres Sub.

Entrust Group Inc. The FBO and Long, Susan C. to Ellerbe, Russell, Lt. 10, Sand Shores Sub, $200,000.

Fish, Kenneth W. Per Rep and Bain, Sylvia Blake Estate By Per Rep and Sylvia Blake Bain Estate By Per Rep to Padgett, Shane Martin Kyle, Lt/Unit 2-A, Curl Creek Townhouses, $97,900.

Normandy 2 Properties LLC and Normandy Two Properties LLC to Chihta LLC, Parcels County, $68,000.

MacFadden, Gary D. Trustee and MacFadden, Gary D. Revocable Trust and MacFadden, Kathleen O. Trustee and MacFadden, Kathleen O Revocable Trust and Gary D. MacFadden Revocable Trust and Kathleen O. MacFadden Revocable Trust to Himes, Arthur J. and Himes, Cheri J., Lt. 93, Grand Harbor Ph. II, $170,000.

Childress, Furman J. and Childress, Leigh B. to Hyatt, Douglas Kim and Hyatt, Nancy Stephanie, Lot 3, Woodmere Estates, $179,900.

TM Properties LLC to Sutton, Thomas J., Lot No. 2, City, $110,500.

Gantt, Michael Ren to Andrews, Brooke N., Unit 18, Reynolds Colony Townhouses, $95,000.

Bowie, Brittany to Rush, Christy Cassandra, Lt. 86, Colonial Heights Sub, $130,000.