Special Referee and English, Marcus and English, Fallon to Gibert, Terry M. and Gibert, Carolyn H., Parcel Lake Shore Drive, 2017-CP-24-00232, $38,600.

White, David L. and White, Andrea B. and White, David to Skelly, Stephen G. and Skelly, Jessica Chandler Chapman, Lt. 55, Locksley Hall Sub, $187,000.

McDonald, Kelly Ann and Mc Donald, Kelly Ann to Cannon, Cody Eugene, Lots. 9 & 10, Brookside Subdivision, $118,000.

Palecki, Halina and Raezynski, Leszek to Elliott, Robert Skyler and Elliott, Breanna Jordan May, Lot 41, Wellington Green Sub, $205,000.

Jones, Della to Barmore, Frances, Lt. No. 1, Free Town Subdivision.

Maunder, Andrew L. and Maunder, Elizabeth A. and Maunder, E. A. to Moore, Toby J. and Moore, Elaine J., Lt. 172, Orchard Park Sub, $185,000.

Moore, Toby J. and Moore, Elaine J. to White, David L. and White, Andrea B., Lts. 17-B & 17-C, Dalewood Estates, $320,000.

James C. Burns III Family Limited Partnership to Burns, Judith Mundy, Parcel Bailey Circle, $94,000.

Burns, Judith Mundy and Burns, Judith M. to Price, Mundy Burns, Parcel Bailey Circle.

Weaver, Naomi By AIF and Waddell, Ruchadina AIF to Waddell, Cedric and Waddell, Lisa, Lts. City.

Elliott, J. Frank and Elliott, Cheryl T. to Jurgschat, Angela Marie, Lt. 92, Woodfield Sub, $124,000.

Jurgschat, Angela Marie to Jurgschat, Angela Marie and Jurgschat, Erika Lauren, Lt. 92, Woodfield Sub.

PHH Mortgage Corporation to Secretary Of Veterans Affairs The, Lt. 50, Beechwood.

Calhoun, Tara B. to Calhoun, Tara B. and Calhoun, Zachary S. and Calhoun, T. B., Parcel City.

Granados, Dejaimes Maria R. and Dejaimes, Maria R. Granados to Bruno, Luiz Eduardo and Aeralta, Rosalba Orozco, Lt. 85, Sec. 8, Belle Oaks Sub.

Starnes, Robert W. and Starnes, Robert and Special Referee to Gibert, Terry M. and Gibert, Carolyn H., Lt. 12, Bl. A, Cherry Hill Sub. 2018-CP-24 01198, $23,601.

R T Bailey Construction Inc. to Druley, Stephen D., Lt. 1, Milford Pines, $212,694.

Teasley, George K. to Teasley, Annette S., Lts. Westwood Sub.

Hodges, Jason D. and Hodges, Jason Douglas to Watermark Of Greenwood LLC, Tracts County.

Hodges, Jason D. to Hodges, Jason D. Trustee and Jason D. Hodges Revocable Trust and Hodges, Jason D. Revocable Trust, Lt. 62, Jennings Property.

Arvit, Barron Monarrez to Nestor, Arboleda, Parcel County.

Richardson, Noel C. Sole Living Heir and Childs, Bessie, deceased and Richardson, Elliott deceased, and Richardson, Noel to Richardson, Noel C., Lt. Town Of Ninety Six.

Sutton, Judith D. to Sutton, Judith D. and Sutton, Patrick L. Sr., Lt. 5, Park Subdivision, $0.

Adams, Virginia Morris to Adams, Thomas Brantley and Adams, Wanda Kay, Tract US Highway 178.

Ayers, Gregory Lee to Garcia, Charles A., Lots County, $116,600.

Garcia, Charles A. to GFP Greenwood, LLC, Lots County.

Ashley, Gloria M. to Ashley, Johnathan W. and Ashley, Karen R., Lots County.

Ashley, Gloria M. to Ashley, Johnathan W. and Ashley, Karen R., Lt. County.

Carroll, Alice Mae to Williams, Alice M. and Murray, Rosa M. and Wideman, Jeannette and Carroll, Barbara A. and Carroll, Vivian L. and Wardlaw, Nona C. and Aiken, Mattie and Carroll, Willie Estate and Carroll, Christine and Carroll, Willie C. and Carroll, Aileen and Carroll, James and Carroll, Angela and Coats, Tonya and Carroll, Lashonda and Carroll, Lisa and Carroll, Earl and Carroll, Tiffany, Lot, Edgefield Avenue.

Wrapp, Jesse to Wrapp, June, Parcel Town Of Greenwood.

Wrapp, June to Harris, Sandra Wrapp and Wrapp, Stanley, Parcel Town Of Greenwood.

Harris, Charles L. to Tindal, Steven and Tindal, Erica, Lt. 342, Section E, Riegel Textile Sub, $23,500.

Chapman, Joe Calhoun Trustee and Chapman, Nancy Anne Trustee and Chapman Revocable Trust to Chapman, Matthew B. and Chapman, Angela M., Tract A, Blue Jay Road.

Spearman, Willie Samuel to Spearman, Toi R., Tracts County.

Farmer, Jerry Wayne and Farmer, Janice Lynn to Farmer, Jerry Wayne and Farmer, Janice Lynn and Pearson, Aimee, Tract County and Right Of Way Easement.

Asbill, Edward D. and Asbill, Jenna C. to Buckheister, Arthur John and Buckheister, Mary Ann, Lt. 54, Woodfields Sub, $119,900.

Herrin, Conya Renea to Reid, Crystal Annakay, Unit G-6, Hillcrest Condominiums, $28,900.

Thomas, Joseph M. and Thomas, Teresa to Thomas, Brandon M. Custodian FBO and Thomas, Tyson and Thomas, Emalyn, Tract County.

Shirley, Winston T. to Winchester, Gary John, Lt. G, Lakeview Heights Sub, $99,000.

Moton, Ernest to Moton, Ernest and Moton, Arquis Keshard, Lt. 3, Roundtree Sub.

Graham, James to Game Of Homes LLC, Lots City, $40,000.

White, Annie Louise to Bell, Vickie E. and White, John C. Jr. and Leopard, Kathy W., Unit A, Melody Lane & Storage Shed.

Thomas, Brandon M. Custodian and Thomas, Emalyn to Thomas, Brandon M. Custodian and Thomas, Tyson, Parcel County.

Gable, Claude Jr. to Young, Samuel W., Lt. Town Of Troy, $20,000.

R T Bailey Construction Inc. to Southerland, Thomas W. and Southerland, Crystal, Lt. 280, Ph. VI, Grand Harbor Sub., $301,700.

Benton, Free Alfred Jr. and Free, Jennifer Susan and Benton, Free Alfred III and Free, Alfred B. Jr. and Free, Jennifer to Hodges, Tonya Marie, Parcel, Green Acres Drive, $66,500.

Kinard, Andrew to Kinard, Harry Wilson, Parcels County.

Shropshire, Sandra and Shropshire, Jack S. Jr. to Shropshire, Jennifer Leigh and Sheppard, Kerri Ann and Shropshire, Jack S. Jr., Lts. 24, 25 & 26, Bl. D, Laurel Hill Sub.

Stop A Minit 22 LLC to PLK Greenwood LLC, Parcel B City, $456,000.

Field, Cynthia R. to Hayes, Anthony, Lt. 172, Newport Ph. 2, Sec. 1, $48,400.

Stoney Point General Partnership to Stoney Point Property Owners Association, Parcel Champion Green Circle.

SCN Stoney Point LLC to Stoney Point Property Owners Association Inc., Parcel Spyglass Drive.

Rogers, Wayne I. and Rogers, Connie M. to Holmes, Mary Katherine Clark, Lt. 11, Westgate Sub., $125,000.

Thompson, David Terry to Thompson, Tony E., Parcel SC Highway 185.

Anderson, William Robert to Anderson, Hubert Gary Jr. and Anderson, Judith C., Parcel Greenwood & Abbeville counties, $6,375.

Christiansen, Karen Estate By Per Rep and Brown, Wendy Per Rep to Deason, Ryan Curtis and Deason, Savannah Jean, Lt. 44, Barkwood Sub & 1991 Clayton Mobile Home, $93,000.