Peters, Matthew R. and Peters, Amanda K. to Hilton, Brandon and Hilton, Katherine, Lot 114, Wellington Green Sub., Sec. II, $204,100.

Croley, Betty R. Per Rep and Taylor, Rallie E. Estate and Rallie E. Taylor Estate to Diaz, Sofia Maldonado and Maldonado, Diaz Sofia and Myers, Bruce C. H. Jr., Lot 42 Fairforest Sub, $104,500.

Lander Foundation The to Smith, Koran, Tract B-1, Greenwood County, $25,000.

Hurt Holdings No. 3 LLC to Justo, Gabriel Antonio and Puebla, Reyes Marina and Reyes, Marina Puebla, Lot 567, Sec. 2, Mathews Plant, $80,000.

DSB Contracting & Rental Properties LLC and DSB Contracting And Rental Properties LLC to Watson, Christopher J., Lot 2, Reynolds Cochran Sub., $175,000.

Smith, Debra L. to Simpkins, Lataynia M., Unit 17-C, St. Kitts Sub., Ph. IV, $104,000.

Johnson, Mamie H. and Smith, Mary E. to Smith, James, Lot 1, Hackett Street.

Atlantic Coast Properties LLC and Atlantic Coast Properties Inc. to Mendoza, Mario A, Lt. 8, Sec. Three, Hunters Run, $18,200.

Mcdonald, Charles Jr. and Mc Donald, Charles Jr. to Mcdonald, Morgan Faith and Mc Donald, Morgan Faith, Lt 5-B 0.54A, N. Acres Rd.

Dale, Suzette to C & K LLC and C And K LLC, Lt 5, Lawton Griffin Property.

Broome, Mathew and Broome, Matthew and Broome, Kenneth M. to C & K LLC and C And K LLC, Lt. 5, Lawton Griffin Property.

Broome, Brandy to C & K LLC and C And K LLC, Lt. 5, Lawton Griffin Property.

Parkman, Lula May to Parkman, Edgar Fay, Lot County.

Jones, Shane and Jones, Timothy S. to Jones, Timothy S. Sr. and Jones, Annie S., Lt. 23, Goldbrook Acres, Ph III.

Rice, Mark L. and Rice, Tristy H. to De La Cruz, Elizabeth Jimeinez and Cruz, Elizabeth Jimeinez De La, Lts. 8 And 9 And Part Lt. 10, Bodie Property, $18,000.

Waller, Olletta K. and Waller, Thomasena S. to Davis, Ronald M. and Gregory, Deborah E., Parcel Airport Rd, $180,000.

R. T. Bailey Construction Inc. to Strait, Don E., Lot 1, Fairway Court Sub., $20,000.

Frazier, Evelyn Hardy to Shepherd, Florence and Frazier, Bobbie Jean and Frazier, Willie Joe and Cobb ,Linda Ann F., Part Of Tract 2, R. L. Hodges Property.

Carroll, Willie to Carroll, Peggy Ann and Carroll, Willie Quinton and Carroll, Sheldon Leon, Parcel County.

Kellett, Robert Paul to Kellett, James William, Lot 21, Shoals Junction Sub.

TM Management & Sales LLC and TM Management And Sales LLC to Vasquez, Debbie M., Lot 1, Mill Pond Sub. $66,000.

Pressley, Murray IV to Round Two LLC, Lot 15, Colonial Heights Sub. And Easement, $67,000.

Burgess, Bobby Lee and Burgess, Robert and Burgess, Bobby L. to Burgess, Bobby Lee Trustee and Bobby Lee Burgess Revocable Trust and Burgess, Bobby Lee Revocable Trust, Tract 1, (One) 8.09A County.

For 8 Corporation Inc. to Niemela, Curt E., Lot 62, Planter's Row At Palmetto Crossing, Phase One And Two, $73,000.

Christian, Georgeanna W. to Christian, Tyson Evers, Parcels County, $0.

Chen, Lili to Mcclurklin, Charles and Mc Clurklin, Charles, Lot 16, Auburn Place, $187,000.

Carolina Self Storage Of Greenwood LLC to Beattie Development LLC, 2.21A Lot, County, $25,000.

Hester, Mary B. to Horne, Darren, Part Of Lot 27, Marshall Heights, $32,500.

Mccutcheon, Ronald Tyler and Mccutcheon, Kacie Calliham and Mc Cutcheon, Ronald Tyler and Mc Cutcheon, Kacie Calliham to Lukas, Spencer Ethan and Lukas, Mary Katherine Jane, Tract 2-B Stoney Point-Coronaca Highway, $247,000.

Martins, Daniel J. and Martins, Elizabeth D. to Settle, Samuel Jennings and Dalton, Mary M., Lot, County, $2,000.

Hubbard, William Fred Jr. and Hubbard, Denise K. to Hubbard, William Fred Jr. Trustee and Hubbard, Denise K. Trustee and Hubbard, William Fred Jr. Revocable Trust and William Fred Hubbard Jr. Revocable Trust and Hubbard, Denise K. Revocable Trust and Denise K. Hubbard Revocable Trust, Lot 66, Forest Hills Sub., Tracts A And B, County.

Hubbard, William Fred Jr. and Hubbard, Denise K. to Hubbard Rentals LLC, Parcels County.

Wicker, Joshua B. and Wicker, Nancy H. to Hilton, Benjamin A., Lot 2, Cothran Avenue, $162,525.

Rasmussen, Margaret B. to Rivera, Yohnni and Wright, Thomas Leon, Lot 13-A ,L.B. Clark Sub., $12,000.

Wilkie, H. Lee and Wilkie, Nancy H. to Wilkie, H. Lee and Wilkie, Nancy H., Lot 135, Ninety Six Plant Sub.

Mullinax, Michael F. and Wood, Marilyn Mullinax to Mullinax Family Real Property LlLC Parcels County.

Mullinax, Michael F. Trustee and H. Owen Mullinax Trust and Mullinax H. Owen Trust to Mullinax Family Real Property LLC, Tracts 2 And 3, James Robinson Estate.

Foshee, Shirley Y. and Foshee, David L. to Denio, Wendy Ferqueron and Harvley, Terri Suzanne, Lot County, $139,900.

Trull, Julianne Cook to Mccarty, Danae F. and Mc Carty, Danae F., Unit 5, Reynolds Colony Townhouses, $90,000.

Lee, Wendy Burnett and Lee, Wendy to Whirlwind Properties LLC, Lot 17, Virgin Heights Sub And Lots 31-32, Lakeland Village Sub.

Iwig, Craig H. to Iwig, Cynthia P., Lot 208, Section 1, Stevens Street.

Rouse, Clayton and Rouse, Sonya to Deak, Robert C. and Deak, Marianne E., Lot 18, Mountain Shores Sub., $255,000.

Atlantic Coast Properties LLC and Atlantic Coast Properties Inc. to Biais, Lydia Z. and Biais, Alejandro, Lot 7, Calvary Trail Sub., Sec. Two, $17,100.

RWG Holdings LLC to Graybeal Construction & Design LLC and Graybeal Construction And Design LLC, Lot 189, Stoney Point Sub.

Chappell, Michael to TB & BH Investments LLC and Tb And BH Investments LLC, Lots 33 & 34, M.D. And E.W. Stalnaker Sub., $22,500.

Boozer, Thelma K. to Boozer, Thelma K. Trustee and Boozer Family Trust, Lot 13, Brentwood Hills Sub,. Phase II.

Hodges United Methodist Church and Cokesbury Methodist Church to Langley, Tony E. Jr., 2.90A, Lot, Asbury Road, $30,000.

Cook, James M. and Cook, Cynthia M. to Taffin, William E. and Taffin, Marion S., Lot 82, Pucketts Ferry Sub., $225,000.

Snow, Marsha Lou and Wedeking, Stanley W. By AIF and Snow, Marsha Lou AIF to Schiera, Anthony P. and Schiera, Rachel M., Lot 29, Brentwood Hills Sub., Phase II, $175,000.

Adams, Maude AIF and Adams, W. O. By AIF to Williams, Jimmy Douglas Sr. and Williams, Eleanor E., 18.64A, Parcel County, $72,000.

Speach, Garrett R. to Lucas, Feliciano Leonel Alfaro and Alfaro, Yolma Floricelda Perez Roldan De and De Alfaro, Yolma Floricelda Perez Roldan and Alfaro, Lucas Feliciano Leonel, Lot 2 Of Block 4, Bailey Place, $35,000.

Perez ,Avila Sarai and Avila, Sarai Perez to Arismendez, Alicia Heranandez and Heranandez, Arismendez Alicia, Lot 31-C, South Creek Sub., $17,000.

Hodges, Harley W. to Alvarez, Jesus Alejandro and Alejandro, Alvarez Jesus, Parcel SC Highway 25, County And Easement.

Martinez, Gerardo Sosa and Sosa, Martinez Gerardo to Alfaro, Lucas Feliciano Leonel and Lucas, Feliciano Leonel Alfaro, Lot County.

Gorman, Sammy R. Jr. and Gorman, Jennifer A. to Ashley, Daniel R. and Moore, Whitney D., Parcel, Island Ford Rd.

English, David W. Jr. to English, David Wayne Sr. and English, Teresa Patterson, Lots 38 And 39, Brookside Sub., $85,000.

Johnson, Sandra H. Trustee and Johnson, Sandra H. Revocable Trust and Sandra H. Johnson Revocable Trust to Lawson, Rabin Mark and Lawson, Allison C., Lot 86, Phase I, Section III, Stoney Point Sub., $8,500.

Kennedy, James R. Jr. to Minor, Dwayne Curtis and Minor, Emily Marie Nokes and Nokes, Minor Emily Marie, Parcels 2 And 2A, County, $240,000.

Frederick, Eva Marie to Benjamin, Walter H. and Benjamin, Donna M., Lot 22, Fawnbrook Sub., $80,000.

Todd, Stanley E. and Todd, Mary B. to Turner, Sharon Jane, 98.345A, Parcel County, $200,000.

Todd, Stanley E. and Todd, Mary B. to Jones, Georgia Elizabeth, 5.032A Parcel County, $205,000.

R. T. Bailey Construction Inc. to Richardson. Adrian S, and Richardson, Tamika, Lot 27. Milford Pines Sub., $267,988.

Wilma Harrison Doyle Estate By Per Rep and Harrison, Calvin B. Per Rep and Doyle, Wilma Harrison Estate By Per Rep to Gambill, Jeannie Farthing and Gambill, Sidney Todd, Lot E-1 And Adjacent Patio, Woodhaven Townhouses, $125,000.

Graybeal Construction & Design LLC and Graybeal Construction And Design LLC to Shepard, Theresa L., Lot 189,, Stoney Point Sub.

Stevens, Frank Branch to Stevens, Frank and Stevens, Dessie and Stevens, Timothy Scott, 4.04A, Parcel County.

Benfield, Eric B. and Benfield, Paulann P. to Parker, Grayling D. and Parker, Sherri D., Lot 13, Phase I, Section II, Stoney Point Sub., $539,000.

Guido, John M. to Smoke, Jack A. and Smoke, Sharon D., Lot 44, Rivers Run, $278,000.

Guzman, Benisha Hill to Guzman, Benisha Hill and Guzman, Pedro, Lot 98, Phase I, Northfall Acres Sub.

KHCT Barkwood LLC to Estrada, Katie Lynn, Lot 32, Barkwood Sub., $10,000.

Deborah S. Revocable Trust, Lot 10, Phase I, Grand Harbor Sub.

Jackson, Marcelina S. and Jackson, Katarina to Whirlwind Properties LLC, Lot County, $30,000.

Goldman, Jeanette E. to Lawson, Jammy T., Unit 6, Reynolds Colony Townhouses, $93,000.

Sample, Jacqueline to Sample, Jacqueline Allen Trustee and Sample, Summer Norene Jane, Lots 4 And 5, Ridge Cove Sub.

Brown, Stephen Leon to Brown, Sherri Marie, Lot 79, The Willows Sub., $10.

Palmetto Crossing Construction LLC to Great South Partners LLC, Lot 1, Planters Row At Palmetto Crossing, $27,000.

Palmetto Crossing Construction LLC to Great South Partners LLC, Lot 4, Planters Row At Palmetto Crossing, $27,000.

Palmetto Crossing Construction LLC to Great South Partners LLC, Lot 5, Planters Row At Palmetto Crossing, $30,000.

Absolute Professional Properties LLC to Absolute Professional Properties LLC Trustee and Rye Bintage Trust, Lot 85, Wheatfield Sub.