Hilton L. Dodgen Revocable Trust and Dodgen. Hilton L. Jr. Trustee and Dodgen, Hilton L. Revocable Trust to Addison, Jody L. and Addison L. Alexandria Dodgen and Dodgen, Addison L. Alexandria, Parcel, Callison Highway S.C. 67.

Newman, Holly Custodian for and Newman Ansley Paige By Custodian to Newman, William and Newman, Holly, Parcel County, $0.

Holley, Whitney and Holley, Joseph to Holley, Whitney Harris and Holley, Joseph Daniel, Lot, East Cambridge Street.

Kwok, Richard Y. and Kwok, Lilian L. to Kwok, Lilian L. Trustee and Kwok 1995 Revocable Trust, Lot City.

Wilson, Ronald Cory to Norris, James R. and Norris, Eileen F., Lot 106, Belle Meade Sub., $120,000.

Barksdale, C.Bruce Jr. and Barksdale, C. B. and Barksdale, Martin and Barksdale, C. Bruce to Barksdale, C. Bruce, Jr. and Barksdale, Martin, Parcels County.

Smith, Jacqueline A. Trustee and Leonard A. Smith Revocable Living Trust and Smith, Leonard A. Revocable Living Trust and Jacqueline A. Smith Revocable Living Trust and Smith, Jacqueline A. Revocable Living Trust to Smith, Jacqueline A. Trustee, Lot 40, Druid Hills Sub.

Clerk Of Court Greenwood County and Ticknor, Nadene Carol to Ticknor, Terry N., Lot 4, Ponderosa Heights 2019-Dr-24-586.

Chatos, Violet Marylene C. and Chatos, Tommy Jerry and Chatos, Sofia Sussana and Petratos, Nickie and Petratos, Tom and Petratos, Susanna and Chatos, Sofia to Alexalia Properties LLC, Lot City, $425,000.

Sowell, Troy L. and Sowell, Janice W. to Sowell, Troy L. and Sowell, Janice W. and Revels, Dakota L., Lot 2, County.

Sprow, Ricky P. and Sprow, Martha A. to Thompson, David R. Jr. and Thompson, Melissa H., Lot 6, Terrapin Pointe Sub., $5,600.

Alvarez, Ruben to Casas, Marbella Molina and Molina, Casas Marbella and Mora, Rogelio C., Lot 0.93A, Seaboard Ave., County, $120,000.

Peters, Matthew R. and Peters, Amanda K. to Hilton, Brandon and Hilton, Katherine, Lot 114, Wellington Green Sub., Sec. II, $204,100.

Ambrose, George W III to Huntzinger, Brian A. and Huntzinger, Debra L., Lt. 23, Plantation Pointe Sub., $78,000.

Town & Country Of Greenwood LLC and Town And Country Of Greenwood LLC to Harrison, Nicole L. and Harrison, Markus A., Lot 16, Dixie Drive Sub., $159,900.

Pederson, Mark A. and Pederson, Sandra L. to Peterson, Ricki Renee, Lt. 101, Northfall Acres, Sub., Ph. II, $93,900.

Sims, Joshua Karl to Sims, Joshua Karl and Sims, Meredith Barbara, Lots 52 & 52-A, Cherokee Hills Sub.

Southern Land Development Corporation to Padgett, James Graham and Padgett, Laura M., Lts. 15 & 16, Sec. T, Hunters Creek, $10,000.

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