Westervelt, Jonathon Trustee and Westervelt, Christina M. Living Trust and Christina M. Westervelt Living Trust to Westervelt, Jonathon, Lot 22, Piedmont Pointe-Phase Two.

Stroup, Michael Wesley Jr. and Stroup, Amanda Cheryl to Collins, Joseph Jr. and Collins, Lydia W., Parcel 3, County, $202,000.

Goplerud, Harl D. and Goplerud, Nancy H. to Jacobs, Jordan M. and Jacobs, Jessica F. S., Lt. 26 & Parcel A, Gracemont Terrace Sub., $175,000.

Leister, Morris David and Leister, Morris D. to Leister, Mary Edna B., Lt. 116, Spring Valley.

Smith, Michael Earl and Barry, Judy Smith to Garbade, Stefan and Garbade, Flora Elysia, Parcel U.S. Highway 254, $80,000.

Simons, Jamie C. and Simons, David W. to Montgomery, Leon D., Tract 1, Cambridge Section, $169,500.

Paysinger, Tina F. and Uldrick, Tina to Uldrick, Tina and Brewer, Matthew, Lt. 2, Bl. F. Avalon Sub.

Dolny, Linda L. Trustee and Dolny, Stephen B. Trust and Stephen B. Dolny Trust to Dunlap, Mary B. and Dunlap, Murray W., Lot 28 And Portions Of Lots 1, 2, 3 And 27 Block B, Gracemont Terrace Sub., $295,000.

Greenwood Urological Realty Partnership LLC to Greenwood County Hospital Board and Self Regional Healthcare, Parcels Greenwood Professional Park.

Dowtin, James D. Jr. to Torano, James F. and Day, Jane F., Lt. 6, Bl. 2, Town Of Troy, $5,900.

Burns, Deborah Ann B. and Butler, Richard L. to Nicholson 5 LLC and Nicholson Five LLC, Lt. 15, East End Heights, $58,000.

Special Referee and Davis, Latoyia A. and Davis, Elizha Estate and Davis, Latoyia A. Per Rep to HSBC Bank USA National Association Trustee, Unit 29, Sec. 3, J.D. Nicholson’s Promised Land Sub.

Schulze, Charles W. Trustee and Schulze, Warren C. Revocable Trust and Warren C. Schulze Revocable Trust and Schulze, Delray G. Revocable Trust and Delray G. Schulze Revocable Trust to Snead, Edward Keith IV and Snead, Ayla Rae, Parcel County, $250,000.

Special Referee and English, Marcus and English, Fallon to Gibert, Terry M. and Gibert, Carolyn H., Parcel Lake Shore Drive, 2017-CP-24-00232, $38,600.

Batson, Carolyn Campbell to Batson, Donald R., Lot 8, Block 3, Unit No. 1, Greenwood Shores.

Special Referee and McCollum, Amanda L. and McCollum, Amanda D. and Duckett, Amanda L. and McCollum, Laura and Mc Collum, Amanda L. and Mc Collum, Amanda D. and Mc Collum, Laura to Nantasket Investments LLC, Tract 1, Ridge Cove Sub — 2018-CP-24-01205 And 1999 Pioneer Manufactured Home, $20,001.

Cain, Bibb Randall Trustee and Cain, Benson Trust and Benson Cain Trust to Cain, Bibb Randall, Unit 14-B, St. Kitts Sub. Ph. II, $75,000.

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