Greenwood Mills Inc., 213 Waller Ave., $5,000, ceiling tile and sheetrock.

Scott Holland, 2458 Highway 72-221 E., demolition of structure.

R.T. Bailey Construction, 354 Abercrombie Point, new construction.

Howard and Kathryn Sartain, 114 Verde Court, new construction.

City Crescent Wildwood LLC, 2220 Montague Ave. Ext., $31,920, mobile home 14x76.

Jack Zachary Taylor, 401 Clairmont Drive, $26,885, foundation repair.

Laurie and Richard Menard, 121 Timberwood Road, $2,500, tear off/reroof.

Samuel and Carol Thomason, 123 Timberwood Road, $2,500, tear off/reroof.

Michael Peduzzi, 408 Grove St., $5,000, tear off/reroof.

Richard and Colleen Hujus, 200 Twisted Oak Drive, $5,000, tear off/reroof.

Virginia Booker, 303 Windmill Circle, $2,500, tear off/reroof.

Ronald and Betty Long, 102 Evergreen Drive, $2,100, replace awning.

Sarah and C.F. Tatham, 617 Siloam Church Road, $34,000, storage building 60x70.

Linda Carman Life Estate, 118 Patrick Road, $2,815, metal carport 18x34.

Dorothy Goodman, 301 Circle Drive, $2,150, reroof.

Futoshi and Rona Koizumi, 115 Folly Bend Drive, $100,000, repair fire damage/renovations.

Town and County of Greenwood, 130 Thompson Drive, $3,000, repair back deck, two doors.

Thomas and Donna Wilson, 102 Persimmon Court, $5,635, reroof.

Martha Sanders Life Estate, 1015 Highside Street, $1,100, tear off/reroof.

Vernon and Toula Allen, 519 Trakas Ave., $3,500, tear off/reroof.

Vernon and Toula Allen, 120 Tryon Court, $11,000, tear off/reroof.

David and Pamela Knight, 208 Kathy Hill Road, $15,200, replace wood under bath, den.

Robert and Jayne Dietel, 340 Compass Point, $14,850, reroof.

Barbara Summer, 305 Frazier Road, $2,021, replace windows.

Trio-Greenwood LLC, 315 Alexander Ave. W., $78,360, new roof, interior upgrades, $73,360.

Store Master Funding XV LLC, 1214 Bypass 72 NE, demolition of Burger King.

Josette Russell, 350 Kirksey Pittsburg Road, $40,320, mobile home 28x48.

Carmen Guest, 114 Pine Drive, $34,560, mobile home 16x72.

David Brewer, 4907 McCormick Highway, $25,200, mobile home 14x60.

Joel Powell, 450 Johns Creek Road, new construction.

Charlie and Susan Lloyd, 306 Hunting Road, $180,000, interior renovations.

Willie and Patricia Matthews, 804 Olde Puckett Ferry Road, $13,350, solar panels.

Rebecca Green, 318 Chinquapin Road, $2,250, tear off/reroof.

Wanda Burnsed, 1804 Island Ford Road, $3,359, carport 18x40.

James Finn, 241 Greenway Drive, $5,000, tear off/reroof.

McQuown Properties Inc., 209 Logan Road, $2,500, tear off/reroof.

Janeway Properties of Greenwood, 130 Sproles Ave., lean to 4x5.

Cheryl McFarland, 222 Lowell St., Ninety Six, $23,413, tear off/reroof.

Ridley and Beverly Usherwood, 122 Hunters Village, $9,500, enclose covered porch.

Lottie Padgett, 710 Weldon Ave., $4,000, tear off/reroof.

Futoshi and Rona Koizumi, 115 Folly Bend Drive, $8,000, add 6x12 on back.

John and Lynn Cathcart, 603 Henrietta Ave., $7,000, tear off/reroof.

Shay Harris-Golden, 703 Sidney Drive, $13,548, insulation, doors, windows.

Peggy Cromer, 3218 Callison Highway, $30,000, remodel kitchen, flooring, windows.

James Sims, 123 Old Sample St., $1,400, add deck 23x16 and garage.

Rodger Blackmon, 1318 Ninety Six Highway, $300, lean to 14x12.

Shannon Joseph, 219 Jennings Ave., $6,400, tear off/reroof.

L & J Powell Properties LLC, 78 Audubon Road, $2,449, replace windows.

Linda Rowe Life Estate, 212 Laurel Ave., $5,418, replace windows.

Elizabeth Cullens, 118 Pinsonville Road, $7,089, replace windows.

Jerald and Sandra Burden, 119 Pinsonville Road, $6,685, replace windows.

Rufus and Evelyn Lark, 601 Brickyard Road, Ninety Six, $5,000, reroof.

Jessica Ingram, 1117 Nation Road, Hodges, $4,000, reroof.